Some gifts, some new friends and the winner of the Travelling Pattern giveaway....

I was lucky enough to receive this surprise package from Chiara of The Grey Tail - I wonder what could be in these two wrapped parcels?

Look at all the lovely goodies I received.....

.... and isn't this pincushion so sweet?

 Thank you, Chiara, you are such a lovely friend.

Now, onto my next news.... no, not the announcement of the winner of the Travelling Pattern - you are going to have to read a little longer for that news, sorry!

The other day I managed to catch up with two of my lovely bloggy friends who also live in Melbourne - Christine from MacDonald's Patch and Melody from The House on the side of the Hill (Melody's DIL is very ill so any thoughts and prayers you can send her way would be greatly appreciated).

Me, Christine and Melody

..... and of course we exchanged gifts!

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous hand stitched bag from Melody and the equally gorgeous felt brooch from Christine.  Lucky me!  Thanks, lovely ladies.

I gave each of them some fat quarters (they are both more patchworker than cross stitchers) and a pair of scissors (you can never have enough pairs, I say) with a beaded fob made by me.

Of course, not all went as smoothly as planned.  We were supposed to meet at my LNS, Lazy Daisy and then go for lunch at a local cafe, Miss Marie however, my car would not start!  So, instead, Christine and Melody came to my house for lunch where I entertained them with a floor show of the tow truck driver dragging my car out of a very narrow carport (which is on an angle to the lane) without a scratch!  Needless to say, the girls had to hold my hand as I watched in trepidation.  The tow truck driver did an amazing job, I must say - thank you Kieran from RACV!

Luckily, I had some yummy homemade soup and quiche in the freezer so lunch was a snap!

But, most importantly, the three of us got on like a house on fire and we had a great time!  Bloggy friends are the best!  Thank you, Christine and Melody for visiting with me - I am looking forward to the next time.

My next piece of news is that the daughter of one of my dearest friends, Linda, has just had her 21st party - she is off to do a Summer course at Columbia University in NYC - how exciting is that.  Here I am giving a speech at her 21st party this past weekend.

.... because here is the name of the winner of the Travelling Pattern - Summer Garden by LHN:

 .... and the winner is......  Sarah   congratulations, Sarah, you will love stitching this design.

and now, of course, I cannot finish such a long post without a Furio pic.  Here he is helping me sort out my sock drawer - NOT!  So much more appealing is a nap on my nice soft bed (ever since I bought the wool underlay I cannot get him off it! lol!)

Have a good week, everyone,

Winner of my 2nd Blogaversary Giveaway will be announced on my next post - so stay tuned!



Dani - tkdchick said…
Isn't it just so lovely to meet like minded people. What beautiful gifts you received from the ladies.
Anonymous said…
how wonderful you got to meet Christine and Mel they are such gorgeous ladies and i am proud to say good friends of mine.Lovely stitching Kaye and enjoy your sunday.xx
Barb said…
It looks like you all had a great time and the gifts are lovely! It is good that you had things already for lunch!!
Brigitte said…
You're a lucky girl - meeting some new friends and spending a great time with them, and receiving such a nice package with great gifts - that's what I call luck. A car which doesn't want to start is not such a thing, lol.
Anonymous said…
It must be lovely meeting with bloggy friends.
Lovely presents!
Sweet Furio (:
How lovely & fun to get to meet up with some new friends. Beautiful gift you gave and received. Congrats to Sarah! love Annette
cucki said…
I am so happy for you..such sweet friends and you all had such lovely time.
The gifts are so sweet to...
Love xxx
Peggy Lee said…
So sorry about your car but it sounds like you had a great time despite the little set back. I love meeting bloggy friends!
Chris said…
How lovely to meet up with fellow stitchers. What lovely gifts all around. The floor show about your car being towed made me laugh.
ariadne said…
Oh I am so happy for Sarah!Ariadne from Greece!
Yay! Thank you so much :D I'm so excited about stitching this up. Great presents from Chiara and your bloggy friends :D
Catherine said…
Bummer about the car ~ but it sounds like it all worked out anyway! What a fun time and lovely goodies!
Carol said…
How nice to meet up with friends who share your passion for needle and thread, Kaye! Hope your car can be repaired quickly and inexpensively (if that is even possible these days!)... Congratulations to Sarah :)
Lija Broka said…
Your poor car! Hope it can be saved. I do wish your friend all best; it is so sad when people are ill. But I am glad your friends enjoyed their time even with the plans change.
Also, you look good in the picture of the speech - the outfit is great! Is it a dress with a top? Or are they joined? And the girl standing next to you has the most gorgeous hair colour. Good luck to her on the summer course!
You received lovely gifts.:)
Congratulations to the winner.:)
Christine M said…
It was so lovely to meet you in person Kaye. It is amazing how we all got on so well, like we've known each other for years! Looking forward to catching up with you again some time.
Linda said…
How wonderful to meet up with stitching friends. What great gifts you made and received.

Sally said…
How lovely to meet up with fellow stitchers. The gifts are beautiful.
Kathy Ellen said…
How special for you, Christine and Melody to be actually meet one another and spend some special time together. Their gifts to you are really beautiful and yours to them very special too.

Friendships made are one of life's greatest blessings!

Denise SA said…
Lovely gifts given and received
You've been very sociable just lately, meeting up with all your online friends, so much fun!

Nice work picture too. Somehow I never imagine people in Australia wearing much black but I suppose smart is smart wherever you are!
Shirlee said…
Such a fun meeting with your 2 friends, & what lovely gifts you received & gave! I (& Sophie) always enjoy seeing pictures of Furio : )
SoCal Debbie said…
How nice to meet blogger friends in person! Sorry about your car not starting but I'm sure you had a wonderful lunch at your home and the gifts are lovely!
Valma said…
wow, you're so lucky =)
another great meeting you made, and your gifts...wooo ! so beautiful !
Chiara spoiled you too
I'm definitely happy for you =D
congrats to lucky Sarah, she will enjoy her chart for sure
big hugs
Anne said…
Very sweet gifts from Chiara and your friends! Love the photo of you giving a speech. I bet it was a good one! Congrats to Sarah on being the next stitcher of the traveling pattern!


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