Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop and Travelling Treasures

Happy Valentine's Day each and everyone of you, I hope that you have a fun day with someone you love.

Me?  I am giving TraderVic what he wants - I have promised to sit and watch his beloved Tigers play a footy match tonight. Romantic, hey?

I am taking part in the Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop run by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching. Each of us taking part in the blog hop is given a Sweetheart photo at random, we post it on Valentine's Day and then we visit each other's blogs looking for our photo and make a comment when we find it.

Such fun!  Here is the gorgeous heart pic I was given - I wonder who was the talented stitcher who made this?

You can check out all of the fun at Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching.

Now, it is time to tell you all about the Travelling Treasures.  This is a treasure trove of stitching goodness which is travelling around Australia.  You can read all about it on Debbie's blog Sweet Little Cottage - where it all began last March - or you can click on the Travelling Treasures pic on the top right of my blog.

So, I was lucky enough to win the Travelling Treasures from Melanie of Pinnylea Creations.

Now, the idea is that you take a few gifts from the Treasures and add a few and then pass it on.

So, here is what is in the Travelling Treasures - lots and lots of goodies.

I am taking two items - this handy thread catcher and this gorgeous wall hanging.

.... and here is what I am putting in....

Fat Quarters from my stash in sunshiney yellow:

A Heart scissor fob:

Two Cross Stitch patterns -  Birdhouse Row by Diane Arthurs and Cat lessons for People by Lizzie Kate:

Some sweet buttons from The Friendship Tree:

... and three skeins of my favourite hand-dyed thread from Cottage Garden Threads:

Now, to be eligible for the Travelling Treasures you need to live in Australia and have a blog (or a friend with a blog who will post for you) and just comment on this post to let me know you are interested.

I will keep this open until Tuesday, 18th Feb and announce the winner on Wednesday, 19th Feb.

Good luck everyone!

Don't forget to  to join in the fun of my Grow Your Blog  Party Giveaway, entries close on Feb 15th, you can join in the fun on this post.  It closes tomorrow - when I will reveal not only the winners but what the actual gifts are! lol!


P.S. TraderVic's beloved Tigers are winning so far (it is half time) and look at the gorgeous Prairie Roses he bought me and he even remembered my favourite colour!

P.P.S. Tomorrow's post will also feature a Happy Dance and a further update of what has been happening in my life lately.

P.P.P.S The Tigers just lost - oh well, it was only a practice match!


Michelle said…
What lovely photos thanks for sharing them. A lovely stitched piece its not mine though - Happy Valentines Day xx
just love those Prairie Roses, never seen them like that before. Also what a super idea that is on the gift basket.

Miss Nora is wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day over on my blog!
Justine said…
Happy Valentine's Day. I think your gifts are very romantic.
Kate said…
Lovely heart.
The Travelling Treasures sounds like a great idea.
Linda said…
Happy Valentine's Day - such delicate work on the heart.
Elfie said…
Hello Kaye. That's my crocheted lavender sachet pic on your blog. I made it for my sister as a birthday gift.
I love the idea of the Travelling Treasures, and as I'm an Aussie with a blog, I would like a chance to be involved.
Lisa V said…
Such pretty roses you received Kaye. Happy Valentines Day.
I would love to be included in the draw for the Travelling Treasures please, I am in Australia and have an active blog.
Vickie said…
Oh my! Elfie did a fabulous job. Prairie Roses are beautiful.
Aww, I wish I lived in Australia! That looks like so much fun. :D Enjoy your goodies!
Joysze said…
Wow, that is one gorgeous stitched piece!! Wonder why did it.

Traveling package sounds fun and wow, those roses!!!
Astrids dragon said…
Wow, that is just beautiful, Elfie!

All those Traveling Treasures, what fun!

Hugs to you.
Janine said…
Hi Kaye, I live in Australia and would love to be part of the travelling Treasures.
Anonymous said…
Ohhh! What a beautiful heart!

Those are some neat treasures for sure!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Shebafudge said…
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! What beautiful prairie roses!

Your secret sweetheart is beautiful too. I would love to be talented enough to make something like that!
Thanks for taking part this year.

I chose everyone's piece at random and didn't realise I had introduced you to a fellow Australian!!

The heart is very beautiful and way beyond my abilities!
♥ Nia said…
I hope you had a lovely day :)
AnaCristina said…
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Gwen said…
Nice job on the sachet Elfie. Happy Valentine's Day! lovely flowers
gracie said…
Beautiful VAlentine but not from me
EvalinaMaria said…
Gorgeous heart, happy Valentine's!
Simply Victoria said…
The Traveling Treasures is such a fun idea.
Your flowers from your husband are just gorgeous!!
Brigitte said…
That travelling package is a great idea. I also know a group of knitters who are organizing the same thing over here.
Gorgeous roses!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow what a wonderful stash that's travelling around,coul I please put my name in to please.xx
Hi there, Deb sent me over. I' haven't joined. In Travelling Treasures before. It looks lovely.
De said…
Oh how Travelling Treasures has grown. Would be lovely to see now.
Valma said…
what a wonderful post =)
so many beautiful treasures, this idea is really great !
I wish I lived in Australia =D

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