So much to catch up on.... Part 3

Well, here I am still trying to catch up with everything!  I am so far behind on my blog and comment/email reading and time is hurtling towards our holiday (starting to get excited) and there is still so much to do!

Anyway, let's try to catch up a little more:

The weekend before last, on the Saturday, my sisters and I went with my Dear Dad to the Springvale Botanical Cemetery to organise the plaque for my mother's rose bush bed.  It was a bit sad but good to be all together.  The cemetery is truly a beautiful place (apparently it has won an International Award for Excellence).  Mum is temporarily in the Wall of Remembrance until the plaque is ready and her ashes are placed in the rose bed.  Here are some pics to give you an idea of how tranquil a place it is.

Dad doesn't look bad for 94, does he?

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Margaret said…
It looks like a wonderful place for your mother to rest. I'm glad you were there with your dad. He looks very young for 94!
AnaCristina said…
No, your dad doesn't look bad!!! 94??!!! It is a blessing!
I'm 47 and my parents are 73 and 78 (mom and Dad).
I never saw a cemetery like this.
Justine said…
What a beautiful peaceful place for you all to visit with your mother. Your Dad looks great for 94!
Linda said…
Looks like a beautiful place Kaye. Your dad looks great.

A lovely tranquil space x
marly said…
He certainly doesn't look his age, and your mom didn't either. I hope he is coping well with his great loss. It's a beautiful setting for eternal rest.
Pam in IL said…
That is a beautiful, tranquil place! Your dad looks great for his age.
Barb said…
Your Dad looks wonderful and what a pretty place to have your Mom's ashes. It's good to be with your family.
Vickie said…
What a beautiful place Kaye.
Your father certainly does not look bad!!
These days are never easy Kaye but very important.
Your Dad looks marvellous - I would never have thought he was in his nineties - good genes ha!
Take care
That looks like such a peaceful place. I hope it wasn't too difficult on you all.
It looks like a beautiful place, very peaceful. Both my grandfathers passed away last year, but I still haven't had a chance to visit either of their resting places (scattered around the globe). It's so nice that you and your family got a chance to visit and be together.
KimM said…
How lovely and serene. Your father looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us all.
It looks lovely, very calm and serene.

And your Dad looks great for 94. Youthful looks must run in the family!
Emma/Itzy said…
It looks like a beautiful final resting place for your mother, and it will have done you all good to spend some time there together I am sure :) x
Simply Victoria said…
Your dad looks awesome! Hope he is adjusting as best as expected without your mom.
Valma said…
ho no, your Dad doesn't look like 94
what a beautiful picture with him <3
it really seems to be a peaceful & beautiful place indeed
A big hug to you & Dad

Shirlee said…
A lovely place indeed! Your father's goodness & kind heart shines in him. That is why he looks so good for his age : )
What a beautiful final resting place for your mum Kaye. Great to see you and your dad together ♥
Stitching Noni said…
Oh, your dear Dad looks great for his age :)
Your Mum's resting place is a lovely place...
Hugs x
Such a sweet post, it brought tears to my eyes! I miss my dad!AriadnefromGreece!
Catherine said…
Your dad looks like someone I could easily sit and chat with for hours! Such a beautiful post and certainly a beautiful resting place....

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