So much to catch up on.... Part 1

Well, as usual, my life seems to have become pretty hectic again!  I tell you, I thought that 2014 was going to be a quiet year for me but so far I have:

  1. Broken a toe (technically this was in 2013 but it was the day after Christmas which is almost the New Year!
  2. Had my front tooth extracted - Strega Nonna rules supreme!
  3. Been involved in a car accident on the way to a conference on the Gold Coast and suffered some whiplash! (But more of that in another post).
Today, I want to share with you something fun and happye -  my Initial Heart Swap.

This is a great swap run every year by Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'. Cheryll is a Swap Mama extraordinaire and this is always a fun exchange for Valentine's Day.

My swap partner was the lovely Sharmayne from Country Fragrance. She sent me this gorgeous handmade purple apron and some Guylian shell chocolates.

... and I sent her this cross stitched piece which spells out her name in the green letters (using the 'a' twice).

This is a freebie design from DMC, which you can find here. It was actually my first Happy Dance for the year.  I also bought her a large chocolate heart and some little heart chocolates but I forgot to take a pic of them.

Well, I am about to go to work, so that is all for me for now although I would like to say a big hello to all of my new followers, it is so wonderful to have you join me and also, thanks to all of you who visit and comment on my blog.  I am very behind on my blog reading and comment replying this week as I have been at a conference all week but I do appreciate and love you all.

Lastly, I just want to remind you to join in the fun of my Grow Your Blog  Party Giveaway, entries close on Feb 15th, you can join in the fun on this post.


Oh and P.S. my next post will be about the Travelling Treasures - if you live in Australia you will have the opportunity to join in the fun - so please come back to check it out.


retdairyqueen said…
The initial heart swap was where I first met you
2014 can only get better for you
jacquie morris said…
Your blog is lovely :)

I think your new purple apron is adorable. I have seen the alphabet heart on the DMC site.. I think the colors used in your heart are perfect and its so pretty.

KimM said…
You are so awesome! Love the apron, love the idea of a heart swap - and oh my - can hardly wait to find out more about your accident. Hope you are OK.
Hugs from Iowa, USA -
Stitching Noni said…
Oh Kaye, not the best start to 2014!! Hope you're on the mend from the accident....
Love the apron you received in your swap - absolutely gorgeous. Lovely colours and fabric choice :)
Your initial heart is so sweet and I think it is a perfect swap gift - well done on a great exchange :)
Hugs xx
Linda said…
It's gonna get better Kaye. I love the heart that you stitched. Cute apron.

I do hope things improve as the year progresses.
SoCal Debbie said…
Let's hope the rest of 2014 is safer for you! Your heart stitching is beautiful. What a great heart exchange!
Noela said…
Lovely exchange of gifts Kaye. They say things happen in three's, hopefully you have had yours now. Plain sailing from now on.
Barb said…
Lovely gifts both ways. I hope your luck turns around quickly!!
Margaret said…
Lovely exchanges! Hope things get better for you from now on!
debbie said…
Lovely gifts sent and received. My partner and I are waiting until tomorrow...xx debbie
Bad luck comes in 3's so you've had your lot for the year Kaye ♥ Your swap gifts are beautiful.
Melody said…
Gorgeous heart gifts both sent and received.
Christine M said…
What a great apron. And the cross stitch you have done for Sharm is just gorgeous.
Beautiful gifts you've sent and received! :D
Thoeria said…
Oh I do hope everyone in the accident is ok! What a start to the year! It can only get better!

Lovely gifts sent ....and received! Looking forward to your next post....even though I'm not in Australia! :)
Brigitte said…
That's definitely not a good start of the yera. BUt you will see, it will be much better from now on :))
Such a lovely exchange idea. And such lovely gifts. Enjoy.
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely swap!! Love the apron & your stitched heart :)
Shirlee said…
Lovely swap goodies both sent & received! Praying that the rest of the year doesn't continue to give you all these "surprises" you've had to deal with thus far!
Looks like a fun swap. Your cross stitch was beautiful.
Bad things come in threes so I guess you won't have any more bad things coming! I hope so at least!AriadnefromGreece!
Valma said…
what a beautiful apron, so colourful
very sweet =)
a great exchange, your stitched piece is very sweet too
keep smiling =)
big hugs
Things can only get better!

I love your apron, especially the hearts with the cats in them.

Thank you for explaining about the green letters too, that is very clever.
Catherine said…
Lovely swap gifts!!
Faith... said…
What an awesome exchange - you both received such marvelous gifts! LOVE the apron she made you and what you stitched for her.

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