This year I am taking part in the  SDUCJC (SoCal Debbie Ultimate Crazy January Challenge) which is a very special challenge to me. It is being undertaken by many of us this year to honour the memory of a very special cross stitcher and friend to many of us, SoCal Debbie. She was a prolific stitcher, blogger and commenter but sadly she passed away very suddenly last year.  I still miss her oh so encouraging comments on my projects and I miss SALing with her, as well.
One of her favourite challenges was the CJC:
CJC = Crazy January Challenge, one new start for the first 15 days of January
UCJC = Ultimate Crazy January Challenge, one new start for all 31 days of January
DUCJC = Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge, stitch 31 projects one per day for January

Linda Stitchin' with my Furbabies and I (mainly Linda) are organising this all via a FB group. Stitchers are free to undertake whatever level of commitment they like to the challenge, with some stitchers cleverly shoehorning their starts into other challenges they are doing for 2015 or in many cases, using a WIP, which has been languishing for a while as one of their projects.

In 2012, Linda and Debbie did  the SDUCJC (Super Duper Ultimate Crazy January Challenge) or 59/60 starts throughout January and February, so some of us are doing that this year, with dear Linda.

Now, as I have the wedding coming up in, oh my goodness, FOUR DAYS!, I actually started a little early so that I could allow for the days that I couldn't stitch (how is that for organisation?) and yesterday as I had to wait at home all day for a couple of tradesmen (who were supposed to come between 7am and 10am but turned up at 1.30pm and 2.30pm!), I actually managed a finish and a new start!

So, I am going to post all of my starts so far - I actually have 11, with two stitching finishes and I am starting Day 12 today!  But don't worry, from about Thursday onwards I will be lucky to do one stitch for quite a few days and then in Feb I have a conference on the Gold Coast for three days hence the need to get myself ahead.

Here we go:

#1: Noel Blanc by A Mon Ami Pierre
This design was gifted to me by the lovely Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, it will make a reappearance later in the month as part of my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL which Jo is running for 2015.

#2: ABC Christmas by Lizzie Kate
This was sitting all kitted in my stash - yay! I am so pleased I actually managed to complete a whole word plus two baubles.

#3: Quaker Village by Rosewood Manor
I love the colours of this start - I was sorry to have to put it down.

#4: "K" from a Stitcher's Alphabet by Brooks Books (freebie)
This is my first finish for the year - yay!  The "K" is for my upcoming Swapaway.

#5: "J" from a Stitcher's Alphabet by Brooks Books (freebie)
The J" is for my upcoming Swapaway but unfortunately still has a bit of stitching to go - it is "J" for Japanese Stitching.

#6: "Counting" in brown by A Primitive Hare
I just love Isabella's designs.

This is also for my upcoming Swapaway

#7: "Counting" in red by A Primitive Hare

I just love Isabella's designs, so I am doing it twice!

This is also for my upcoming Swapaway.

#8: Halloween Globe by Gazette 94

This is a freebie from the wonderful Gazette 94. She has a series of Snowglobes, so I can see some more in my future.

This will turn up again in February as part of my Halloween Ornament SAL 2015, which is also hosted by the wonderful Jo.
I actually started this because I thought that Skeletons was the theme for January but luckily my dear friend, Noni, over in Perth put me on the right track (see #11).
Still, this is 3/4 done, so at least I am ahead on that SAL now!

#9: Santa's Sleigh Ride by JBW
Something I found when I was tidying up, lucky!
Isn't Santa cute?

#10: Holiday Spirit, freebie (you can find the pattern here - thanks, Chiara for reminding me where I found it and thanks to Robin for being so generous with her designing).
Also found when I was tidying up. I stitched this last year, too but when I found the pattern again, I thought why not?  This is my second Happy Dance for the year - double yay!

#11: Spring Witch by The Snowflower Diaries (freebie)

Aha! Here she is: January's theme for the Halloween Ornie SAL - witches!
Isn't she cute?  Last year I stitched Autumn witch, so after Summer, only two to go.

So, that is me up to date.  Off to do some wedding stuff and then to work on today's stitch  - Well-behaved Women by Lizzie Kate.



Shebafudge said…
Wow! Loads of lovely stitching! I am going to have to pick up that Santa Sleigh Ride sometime, it is so cute! I love the colours on the LK ABC too - so pretty and vibrant!
Barb said…
You have so many great plans!! I love many of the designs!
Margaret said…
Wow! So much fun to see all your new starts! Good luck with the wedding! I agree -- better a bit of rain than the awful heat!
sharine said…
Lots of great projects. Good luck with the big day :)
Linda said…
Love all your new starts Kaye. I am adding the ABC's of Christmas to my turtle trot list. Santa's Sleigh Ride is a cute one too.

MBogue said…
You have a really nice variety of projects going. I particularly like Noel Blanc.
Von said…
I don't know how you can get all that stitching going with the wedding coming up so soon!! You're amazing, and my hero. :D
Amazing! I love how organized you've been. Can't wait to see what else you have in store! :D
Anthea said…
Hello Kaye - wow lots of stitching going on here! Crazy busy!
Happy Stitching in 2015...
Brigitte said…
Wow, that's more than impressive. 11 starts and even two finishes, you have been stitching up a storm, lol. Oh and I love your projects. I have also already started the challenge but no FB group for me. I'm doing it my own way and I'll only post about it on my blog.

You must be really excited about the wedding approaching so fast.
Vickie said…
Whew! I think you are just as organized with the wedding plans too!
Lumiruusu said…
So many pretty stitchings .I alsoremember SoCal Debbie very well she was one of the first foreign stitcher who commented my blog.
Miamina said…
Lots of gorgeous stitching! Well done :) A great way to remember Debbie, I so miss her. <3
Anonymous said…
oh my, so many wonderful starts!
I have Quaker Village in my must.stitch list, together with the Noel Blanc (provided I find the chart for it still on sale somewhere), and I stitched the Spring Witch last year for Jo's SAL.
enjoy the wedding break, see you soon!
oh, I meant to say, I love your new blog theme, so funky and cheering :)
Anonymous said…
I think your freebie finish (love it) comes form Robin :)
Mii Stitch said…
Lots of lovely stitching :)
butterfly said…
You are starting lots of wonderful designs , hugs.
Gorgeous new starts! You are amazing with stitching & wedding plans:) Best of luck to you! love Annette
Bea said…
What a bunch of lovely patterns! Great choices and good luck with the stitching and the finishing up for the wedding.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Chiara, I have updated my post with Robin's details - you have a better memory than me! lol!
Loretta said…
Lots of beautiful stitching!!!!!!!
Having déjà-vu here, I thought I'd stumbled in to my own blog seeing so many references to myself LOL
You have chosen some lovely designs for this year's challenge. The snow globe is a different Hallowe'en idea and I love the Spring Witch too.
rosey175 said…
Well dangit, I was doing so good this year so far with not hoarding patterns and then those snow globes appear. I'm surprised you found any time to stitch at all with the wedding (congrats to them, btw!). Now you can relax?? :D

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