Friday Frolics update ...

My dear friend, Jo, from Serendipitous Stitching, introduced me to a new acronym the other day - OAAT (One At A Time) stitching, when she commented on my last FF post about my new start "Too cold to go out".

Well, this Friday Frolics (yesterday) I actually did TAAT (Two At A Time) stitching.  During the day, when the light was better, I stitched on "Too cold to go out" and then in the evening (when I had less good light), I stitched on a new Christmas design from Rico Designs, which happened to take my fancy.

Now, enough chat, let's get to the nitty gritty - the pics!!!!!

Too cold to go out

This is where I got up to after last week's FF...

... and after some stitching during the week, I was up to here....

and then yesterday I managed only a bit of progress, as I had to frog the dark grey for Milo twice!  Aaagghh!

Christmas Design

 I had a bit more success with my Christmas stitch from the Rico Design book.

 This is what I had accomplished during the week.

... and this is my progress after FF (the fabric colour is truer in the pic above)

Now, this piece has no name.  It is rather prosaically called Design 77796.  However, I am calling it "Snowy Russian village"
 The reason for this is two fold.

One, the onion dome on the top of the tower reminds me of Russian churches.

Two, you may remember last week that I posted this pic of Furio reading my gripping thriller ...

I think that Brigitte, you asked the name of the novel, well, it was called Moskva and I found it to be a compelling thriller and can highly recommend it.

So, that is all for me for now,

hugs, Kaye


KimM said…
Your OAAT and TAAT projects look great. I really love Furio and his focus on your novel ;0)
Vickie said…
Oh rats. I cannot see the picture of your Snowy Russian Village Pattern very well, so I shall be watching your progress with great interest, as Brian and I belong to a Russian Orthodox Church. I recognized the domes immediately. :)
Justine said…
I think you've just invented your very own stitching term - TAAT! Gorgeous stitches.
And little progress is progress :-)
You always have multiple projects, it is not fast.
Furio was educated in sleep :-)
Haha, great acronym! Lovely work on the Russian Village, such a nice design.
Better get the cats to chase the frogs from their piece though.
Margaret said…
Looks like you are making progress despite the frog visiting. I love that pic of your cat reading. lol!
Julie said…
Awww your cat looks so comfy on the book
Bea said…
Too Cold is looking good in spite of the frogs and I'm really liking your new piece. And I much refer your name for it. Furio looks very comfy on your story.
Barb said…
You really have made great progress on your project. I hate to frog, sorry you had to do it but to get the just right color, it is worth t.
Lovely stitching! I like the name you came up with for the second design. Great progress, despite the frogging!
Thoeria said…
Fantastic progress Kaye!
Furio seems totally taken with that novel :D
Cats have such delightful personalities!!
Heather said…
Great progress!
Tiffstitch said…
Nice progress on both, and hope the frog stays away for the rest of the week!
Brigitte said…
Your Christmas stitching already looks very good. You will find onion shaped church tower tops also in the south of Germany.
Thanks for the name of the thriller. I'm always curious to learn about books that other people loved reading.

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