Today was a good day ...

... as these are the things I did today:

1. Worked hard at the 8.30 Aquaerobics class;
2. Spent an hour and a half stitching the binding on a quilt for a friend (this is a gift that has been a long time coming and I will tell the story on my May Gifted Gorgeousness post) with Furio trying to "help" - the deadline for getting the binding finished is the 18th May, which at this stage I am confident of meeting;
3. Knitted several rows of the baby blanket I am knitting for the son and daughter-in-law of a dear friend for their bundle of joy who is due to grace this Earth in early August - plenty of time to meet this deadline (although I want to stitch a Noddy design for the new baby, too);
4. Made roast pumpkin soup (sort of used this recipe) and my very favourite new thing to bake - focaccia rolls;
5. Tonight I am going to stitch on my Mystery SAL, "Wherefore Art thou" by Nora Corbett for Tudor Tuesday.

... and of course, here are some pics of most of this (but certainly not me at Aquaerobics!)

What more could you ask from life than to be creating a beautiful quilt for a friend with a kitty cat snuggling on your lap?

This is double knitted (ie two strands of wool and will be ombre - moving from dark blue to pale lilac)

 ... and here is Furio guarding the house against that devious devil of a  sweet little dog next door!

So, yes, a very good day.


cucki said…
Aww happy good day
Hi to furio x
Vickie said…
Yummy focaccia rolls. Whew! Furio works hard. ;)
That does look like a lovely day!
Oops I meant to say more.... did you use olive in your rolls? Cheese called for in recipe? They look lovely. Im excited to see your mystery stitching!
Lesley said…
A great day full of achievements..the best sort of day:) love the pictures of Furio.
KimM said…
LOL - what a productive day! I'm happy Furio is looking out for you and keeping you safe.
Tiffstitch said…
A very busy day indeed! I think I used that pattern to knit a baby blanket as well. It was well received and the baby liked the texture of it, so I hope that will be the same for yours. :)
Linda said…
Looks like you had a great day Kaye.

Julie said…
Yummy ...nice eatables and a gorgeous furry friend
Dear Kaye, your day was filled with good activity!
I like it!
Penny said…
A very productive day! And Furio looks quite content and cozy. : ) Hope you will share more of the baby blanket as you progress - it's looking pretty!
Bea said…
Very productive day! You'll have to tell your friend the quilt has cat approval for comfort, the highest rating possible.
Heather said…
Fun day you have a very cute guard kitty :)
Barb said…
You have been a very busy lady! What cute cat photos!
What a great day, lots of productive things accomplished!
I did Aquanatal when I was expecting the Large Boy, that was fun, lots of baby bumps floating around the pool.
Stitching Noni said…
Awesome day indeed!
Hugs xx
Brigitte said…
Oh yes, that would be a great day for me, too - maybe except the cooking and baking part, lol.
Crazee4books said…
Hello Kaye,

And greetings to Furio! No home is complete without an
orange fur-purr! Handsome creature isn't he? I firmly believe that there is something extra special about orange cats.

Oh, those buns and the pumpkin soup look delicious!!
My DH doesn't like anything that remote resembles
a squash like veggie (except in pie) so he'd turn his
nose up at the soup but I'd love it!

You've got a lot of gift stitching going on there. The
recipients are gonna love each and every one. The
knitted blanket is going to be so lovely as it changes
colour and it looks cozy and warm too. Perfect for
snuggling a baby in.

Melody said…
Love the pictures of Furio, I can see he was a very determined helper.

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