Christmas is Coming, 2016 .... Part Four

Well, having an interstate trip to Tassie (Tasmania) certainly interrupts your Christmas preparations but yesterday, nine days before Christmas, my DDIL and I finally found a day to Christmasfy my home! YAY!

Let's have a look, shall we?  I am just posting these randomly, as they uploaded.  I have decorated my front porch, my entry hallway and my lounge room. 

See the embroidered runner, one end has Milo on it and the other Furio.  This was stitched for my as part of a Christmas exchange a few years ago.

 The runner below my nativity set was also stitched for me in an exchange, it is a perfect base for my nativity - how serendipitous is that?

Yet another gorgeous runner made for me in an exchange.
Rudolph on the right is actually a nutcracker.

This matchbox music box is one of my very favourite ornaments.  It plays "Oh Christmas Tree" and the skaters circle the tree. So sweet!

Can you spy Santa, sitting high on the shelf?

These thimbles were also given to me in a Christmas Exchange.  They are "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

So, I am feeling quite Christmassy now!

Must dash, having twelve people for an early Christmas dinner arriving in forty minutes!



Barb said…
Everything looks so pretty and festive Kaye, Have a very Merry Christmas. You are amazing, taking time to blog when such a large group is coming to dinner! I would be a nervous wreck!!
Lesley said…
Your home has lots and lots of festive decorations,it looks fabulous.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas:)
Wow, my dear friend, your Christmas decoration is beautiful! I was surprised how big it is! With us are small decorations. I wish you a nice Advent time!
Vickie said…
Holy smokes Kaye! I am exhausted just looking it all over! ;) It is gorgeous! Well done.
Margaret said…
Everything looks so festive! So fun!
AnaCristina said…
Wow!!! I loved! So beautiful!!
Linda said…
Oh my Kaye, what gorgeous decorations. My cats would have them scattered in an hour.

deb said…
You should indeed be feeling Christmassy with all those lovely decorations! Loved the personalized kitties on the ... topper? runner? on your buffet.
Gorgeous decorations. I spotted Winter Wonderland behind the nativity too. I like the hanging basket with ornies all around, that's a different way to display them.
Love the 12 Days thimbles too.
Bea said…
Wow Kaye, you are definitely Christmassed! Lovely, lovely decorations. Such a variety.
Brigitte said…
I thoroughly enjoyed following you on your tour through your house and admire all the wonderful Christmas decoration that you have out now. So much to see here. My favorite would be that lovely tiny music box. Superbe!
Carol said…
Your home is so festive and fun, Kaye! Thanks for the tour... I had to laugh as I have the exact same set of Santa nesting dolls here in Pennsylvania :) Not sure where I got them, but have had them over 30 years!
Ariadne said…
WOW! What an amazing decoration!AriadnefromGreece!
Julie said…
Your home looks really festive with all the lovely decorations you have.
Heather said…
Wow so many great pictures! Our decorations feel so inadequate lol!

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