Christmas is Coming, 2016 .... Part Two

My dear friend, Linda, has lent me this book to read for Christmas:

How Mrs Claus saved Christmas by Jeff Guinn

Doesn't the book cover look so pretty with my red and yellow roses?  Together, they make a lovely Christmas display.

On a further Christmassy note, I had a lovely seafood lunch on Sunday by the Yarra River at Waterfront Restaurant with my "Tennis" Group or Mother's Group.  We have been meeting for over twenty-six years now.  We don't really play tennis, we just used to meet as a playgroup in the club rooms of a tennis club - hence the name - but we do get teased a lot about our lack of tennis prowess and playing!

.... and to continue the Christmassy theme, I finished-finished my Baby's First Christmas Ornament - as you know, I am always very anxious about my finishing ability but I must admit, I am pretty pleased with how this one has turned out.

What do you think? Will it past muster?

On another note, we have had the 'cat wars' here as DS1 came home on Friday night (yay!  So lovely to have him home) with their cat, Nobu (DDIL is due to arrive this Saturday).

Best to say that Furio and Milo are feeling a little put out and Furio and Nobu are duking it out for who is Alpha Cat! lol!

Now, guess who is trying to get close to me whilst I am doing some authoring for a publisher??    Furio, of course!



Ooops! Mum has got cross with me and pushed me away.  Okay, I will go stick my head in under the monitor - that should be comfortable! lol!

Okay, that is it for me for now, 


P.S. Sorry, no pic of Milo this post, he is very skittish with the new cat in the house - next time, I hope!


Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,oh i love Joe's first xmas decoration,its so cute,how wonderful to spend time with your friends,i hope you enjoy your new book xx
Gorgeous red, gold and green floral display! The ornie tree looks great too, especially with the new baby ornie added. Lovely finishing.
Furio looks so comfy merging with the computer!
Julie said…
Great job on the ornament finish
Furio is adorable.
Lesley said…
You did a lovely job finishing your ornament for Joe.
I love your commentary on the cats:) they are all very handsome.
Linda said…
The ornament looks great Kaye and I love the furby pics.

Bea said…
The ornament looks terrific and great choice of backing fabric. Love the furbrat pictures. Snowy does exactly the same as Furio - loves to lie on the computer.
deb said…
Your finished ornament looks great! I really like the way you used the ribbon for an accent at the bottom.

Oh no - kitty noses out of joint - but nice that Furio comes to you for reassurance.
Barb said…
The finish is lovely Kaye. I know how you feel, finishing always stresses me a bit. Love the pictures of the cat! Very funny. So nice to have a group of friends like that.
Margaret said…
Your finish looks wonderful! Definitely passes muster. Hope the cats settle down -- it's so hard! I don't think Mia would survive such a thing! lol!
Astrids dragon said…
What a lovely ornament, a treasure forever.
Precious kitties, gotta love them!
Carol said…
Such a sweet baby ornament, Kaye!! I hope the kitty wars come to a peaceful resolution soon--so happy for you that your son is home again :)
Heather said…
Great stitching and pictures :) Our kitty absolutely loves laying on our keyboards.

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