He's coming home!

Yes, DS1 is on his way home to Melbourne from a two year teaching stint in Roma, Queensland - hurray!  He is road tripping with their kitty cat, Nobu and all of their worldly goods. 

He looks happy to be coming home, doesn't he?

They will be living with us for the foreseeable future (three or four months at least), which should be fun!  Although I am not sure how Furio and Milo are going to take to having a new 'brother' - last time Nobu stayed with us, there was an uneasy peace between them all - lol!

It is taking two days for DS1 to drive down to Melbourne, so he should be home by dinner time tonight.  Although it may take longer if he keeps getting held up by Bulls on the road!  He and about three other cars were held up for about forty-five minutes by this beast below. The men in the other cars were all locals, who advised against going around the bull as it would most likely charge the car and to keep the motor running so that if it did charge them they could all reverse away!

DDIL is staying on for an extra week as she is a tree in the local ballet school concert - lol! But she will be with us soon, too - double hurray!


P.S. Please come back to visit me later today when I hope to have my Smalls SAL post up (also a few day's late - oh well!)
P.P.S. This is my second post for the day, please feel free to check out my TUSAL report.

P.P.P.S. Also, don't forget to visit dear Jo's Online Advent Calendar each day up until Christmas.


Vickie said…
Yes, he looks very happy! That bull does NOT!
Linda said…
So very happy for you Kaye.

Lesley said…
How wonderful for you all:)
and in time for Christmas:D
That is one solid looking bull!!!!
Tiffstitch said…
Yay! That's wonderful news and hope he doesn't have any more wildlife issues. That guy looks intimidating alright.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye oh i am so pleased for you,it will be lovely to have family back for a little while and yes he does look happy xx
Bea said…
How lovely to have them home for Christmas! The cats will sort it out, but I expected you're in for a fair amount of hissing! I wouldn't argue with that bull either.
Barb said…
Super that he will be home for Christmas! Enjoy!
Brigitte said…
You are right, your son seems to be happy to come home again. Great for him and for you.
This bull certainly looks a bit frightening to me, I wouldn't pass him either ...
Julie said…
A wonderful time of the year for him to be returning home to you, family time is so precious.
Hooray for having your son home! Glad your DDIL is joining you after her stint as a tree.
Heather said…
Yay I'm glad he's home!

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