Smalls SAL_November Update

Hi all, I have quite a few Smalls goodies to show you this month.  

Quite a few of them are Prairie Schooler designs, one of my very favourite designers.  I find that they are perfect designs for travelling.  Just enough colour changes to keep it interesting but not too many to make it difficult whilst stitching in a car or on a plane and no half or quarter stitches and very little backstitching but oh, such wonderful designs. I love them!

#1 November Small:

This gorgeous PS Christmas Tree   Now, Prairie Schooler designs do not usually use beads but I could not resist blinging up this design from Book #150, "December".

... and here it is all finished up and gifted to my dear friend, Lisa.

Actually, she moved it from the spot above and it now lives with Santa in her dining room (much better pic, anyway)...

#2 November Small:

Trick or Treat What's to Eat?' from Prairie Schooler Book #188 Trick or Treat.

This was an absolute dream to stitch, I started it on a Friday and finished it just before midnight the next Saturday night.  So, a very quick stitch for me.

#3 November Small:

Prairie Schooler Skeleton!

See his right shoulder (on the left)?  Well, it should be sitting at the same level as the other shoulder but I didn't notice the discrepancy until after I had stitched all of his arm and the two keys.  At first I thought to myself, 'oh no! All that frogging!' But then the more I looked at it, the more I quite liked my unintentional change to the design and I have decided that the poor skeleton has a dislocated shoulder - poor lamb!

Skeleton from 
"Boo Moon"
Prairie Schooler Book #189
Fabric: Mystery orange (yes, it is actually orange, much brighter than the pic shows) lugana 
Floss: DMC 3371 and 720

#4  November Small:

Here goes, another PS design, of course (because it was stitched whilst travelling).

Black Cat from PS Book #140 Pumpkin Patch
28 ct Orange Lugana
Floss: DMC 3371 and 720 plus WDW Fiesta for the moon

#5  November Small:  (this one is actually an October Small that didn't quite make it into last month's post)

This is my version of Bad Fairies for the September theme for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL  

I adapted the design from a French design book, which seems to have fallen through a black hole on my book shelf - not sure where it has got to, very strange! - so I can't even tell you what it is called! 

[Update: Still haven't found the book but I have found its title: it is a French book of design motifs
"Pointe de croix couleurs"

#6  November Small:

This is my very latest Christmas Ornament finish and it is, of course, for a relatively brand new baby (he is three months old now).  I am delighted with it.  I love the colours and the changes that I made.  I added his name and the year.  It is from the JCS 2016 Christmas Ornie Magazine.

#7  November Small:

Xmas Hearth
A Christmas stitch for my dear niece, Jade.

#8  November Small:

Old Glory
Designer: LHN

.... and lastly, three and a half years in the making!

#9  November Largeish Small:

Look carefully, at the last pic, can you see the mistake I made, again?  Another one that I intend to keep, as it sort of fits in with the theme of the piece.

Witchy Remedy
Silver Creek Samplers
JCS Halloween Ornie Mag 2011
Fabric: Unknown
Floss: Suggested DMC

Well, that is it for me, for this month's Smalls SAL.


P.S. This is my third post for today - must be a record!  If you want to check out my two earlier posts from today, please click on the links below:

P.P.P.S. Also, don't forget to visit dear Jo's Online Advent Calendar each day up until Christmas.


Brigitte said…
I totally agree with you on Prairie Schooler designs. They are the only charts that I have collected since I discovered them in the early days of my stitching career.
You have been so busy last month, that's extraordinary - and such fantastic smalls finishes. Very impressive, Kaye.
Mii Stitch said…
Very impressive small finishes!!! You have been busy :)
Melinda Forbes said…
WOW! So many wonderful finishes - the bling looks great on the tree, the dislocated Shoulder is a Plus, adds to the mystery of the poor dudes death, I love the stockiings hung too. And the "moldy bread" is on my MUSTDO list. Just love your work!
Julie said…
Great collection of smalls.
I see a lot of beautiful arrangements! You are a very active woman, Kaye dear!
I send cordial greetings!
What a gorgeous collection of Smalls. I love the blinged-up tree and the wonky skeleton. He looks perfect like that!
Anonymous said…
omg Kaye lots of beautiful work you have done xx
Barb said…
What a great collection. I love the way the beads turned out on the Christmas tree.
Bea said…
Whoa, your needle was flying last month! Wonderful collection of smalls. Isn't it fun when goofs actually fit the "feel" of a picture? And then you can pretend you planned it!
Lesley said…
Lovely finishes.I love the one you have done fot your niece.
KimM said…
WOWEE ! You're putting me to shame, Kaye! Lovely all....
Vonna Pfeiffer said…
Oh I love your smalls tree...darling! All of your projects are darling though :)
Mini said…
Lovely collection of smalls.
Sheryl S. said…
All the Smalls are gorgeous, I love the little pram design and the Halloween stitching and the added beads on the PS ornament. lovely work.
Von said…
Nine little finishes, each one a delight!!
Gorgeous smalls! I like the skeleton being lopsided like that, it looks like he's dancing :D
Heather said…
Lovely smalls I love the Christmas Hearth

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