Terrific Tassie.... Day One of Five

Last week TraderVic and I went on another short holiday interstate with some friends (Marie and Tony) and again it was an island holiday.  Not quite as small an island as Kangaroo Island as we went to Tasmania or Tassie as we Aussies call it.

Tasmania is just across Bass Strait from Victoria and you can get there via an overnight ferry or else fly in, as we did to Hobart.

[I am not going to tell you much about its history at this time, as I will save that for my "T" post for The Alphabet Club, which will come up in a few month's time.]  

But I will bore entertain you with what we got up to each day in a series of five posts (one for each day).

As you may know, I tend to cram in quite a lot to my holidays and I always have my trusty mobile phone with me to take pics of whatever takes my fancy.

So, here goes, Day One......

We arrived in Hobart (the capital of Tasmania) by 10am, picked up our hire car and headed straight to the famous Salamanca Market.  It is always so vibrant and lively with lots of wonderful and interesting stalls.  This one with the oh so cute gumboots caught my eye.


After devouring a delicious bratwurst at the market for our brunch, it was off to the the most amazing museum that I have ever been to, MONA (Museum of Old and New Art).

Yes, this is the entrance to the museum - not your typical one, is it?  If you look closely on the left, you can see me taking a photo of the entrance standing on a tennis court!

Once you go inside, the museum is three levels all underground, dug into  250 million-year-ld Triassic sandstone!

Please click on this link to read a fascinating article about this museum.

It is full of the most amazing and eclectic collection of art.

This underground tunnel led to the library area, where we took part in an art installation and did graphite rubbings of blocks from the Hiroshima train station which had been destroyed by a nuclear bomb at the end of WWII.

Yes, two goldfish in a bowl of water with a knife, sitting on a chair is indeed ART!

Also, ART, is this the tattooed back of this man, who sits here all day (about an hour at a time, with short breaks).

Bit Fall was amazing. 
Here is some information about it:

"The speed at which information is sourced, exchanged and updated in our modern society is almost inconceivable, and more ephemeral than ever before. The work BIT.FALL translates this abstract process into an experience for the senses and is a metaphor for these contemporary currents of information. In BIT.FALL, information is represented by words generated by a computer program, based on a statistical algorithm. The program filters relevant terms from the current stream of news on the internet, and transmits the values to the control unit of BIT.FALL. In a split second, BIT. FALL releases hundreds of drops at specific intervals, creating a ‘waterfall’ of words. Each drop of water thus becomes a liquid and transient ‘pixel’ or ‘bit’, the smallest unit of information."

Source: https://dublin.sciencegallery.com/surfacetension/bitfall/

I hope that you have enjoyed your day trip to MONA.



Ariadne said…
I think it would have been worthwhile to travel all around the world to Tasmania only to see this museum!Thank you!AriadnefromGreece!
Tiffstitch said…
Wow!! That museum looks incredible.
Carol said…
Looks like quite a feast for the eyes, Kaye! Isn't it great that our phones can capture these memories so easily for us now. Remember when we used to take photos and patiently wait for them to be developed?
Melinda Forbes said…
Thank you so much for sharing - I can't imagine how long it took for you to see all of these fascinating works of art. I so loved the tapestry, and the butterflies and of course the Tattooed Man - Just to name a few
Very interesting trip!
Thank you for sharing, I saw a lot of new
Bea said…
What a fascinating museum! The bit about being underground threw me at first, but then I realised how smart it is - steady temperature, steady humidity. I wasn't expecting such a wide array of art. I would be in there for hours.
Brigitte said…
I already thought that you would spare Tasmania for your T Alphabet Club post. But thank you so much for the great pictures of this unusual museum and the link. I adore museums.
What an amazing museum. Of course Bea is right, being underground is perfect for the exhibits. Except maybe the Tattooed Man who might like some warmth!
Love the melting carpet exhibit.
Heather said…
Wow that looks like a cool museum! Great pictures!

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