The Handmaid's Tale...

Oh, my goodness, I have just started watching The Handmaid's Tale (three episodes in) and I just cannot stop thinking about it!  It is amazing television (based on a great novel by Margaret Atwood, of course!) - thought provoking, rather frightening and visually appealing.

If you haven't seen it yet, I can highly recommend it!



CJ said…
I want to watch it, but I would have to buy another subscription. Hoping it will show up on amazon or Netflix in a few months.

Look forward to reading your opinion about show. Hopefully it is as good as the book.

Karyn said…
I am almost finished with the season, only two more episodes. It is really good, but hard to watch at times...I recommend it too, Kaye.
During what they call "For Your Consideration" week, here, all of the various studios place billboards around Los Angeles with their show(s) that they hope will be nominated for Emmys, but Hulu went one step further and hired a whole bunch of girls to dress up like Handmaidens...they wore costumes...and then assimilated into various areas around Los Angeles. The walked in twos or in lines and stayed silent. People who had watched the series began to greet them with "In His Eye" and other phrases and they spoke back using the show was awesome! LOL, only in L.A.
Have a great weekend
I haven't seen the show but I love the way women have been using the costumes to make silent political protests against the assault on women's rights in the US.

The book has been recommended as a good next one to read after The Handmaid's Tale.
Barb said…
I am waiting for Netflix, sure wish it was on!! Thanks for the review!
Rowyn said…
I watched it on Lightbox. Couldn't watch the episodes fast enough. Disturbing yet enthralling. Can't wait for series 2.
Brigitte said…
I have read the novel but didn't know that there is a show. I have to be on the lookout for it.
Margaret said…
Read the book when it first came out. I admit it. I can't face it right now. Too depressing and too close to home.

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