Seveonoaks Stitchers...

I went to my stitching group yesterday, The Sevenoaks Stitchers (I gave up on using Sewers in the title as I realised it looked like we were doing something with Sewerage - yuk!)

As a group we are working on some Bucilla stockings, trying to get ready for Christmas.  This is mine so far...

I have completed three sections - only 81 more to go!!!!!!

This is what it will look like once finished.

Now, to show you everyone else's progress.... (thanks Helen for allowing me to borrow the pics).

Anna is working on the same stocking as I am but she is WAAAAY ahead of me!  She is doing beautiful work.


As is Dawn, who is also way ahead of me.

Helen and Sue are tackling a Christmas tree stocking and are both about where I am progress-wise - phew!

Helen's stocking...

Sue's stocking.....

These are going to be such fun projects to work on each Sevenoaks Stitching day.

And  I must thank you for your advice yesterday, I have gone with pointy flowers. So, a Happy Dance for me!  (Again, I am sorry about the wavy lines - not sure why this is happening)

It is Friday Frolics today - Yay! I am going to work on a PS Christmas design today plus today is my Mah Jong group day -so we are going to christen my new Mah Jong set from Taiwan.  Fun day coming up.

Have a great day, everyone, 


P.S. Don't forget to check out Girls' Nest Giveway #4, it closes on Sunday morning.


Karyn said…
OMWord! The Bucilla stockigs look beautiful, and I love seeing everyone's progress, thanks for sharing the pics ♥️ Sounds like a fun group of stitchers, and I must admit that I'm glad it doesn't involve sewers :)
Your friend is going to love her gift, and I'm glad that you going with the pointed flowers. My pics come out wavy sometimes too, I have no idea why and it happens no matter what fabric I'm stitching on...regardless, your pic is beautiful.
My Aunts/cousins all play Mah Jong and Pan too, funny. Enjoy your new board and group night.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye what beautiful work you and the ladies are doing,love the stockings ,have fun at Mah Jong xx
Christine M said…
Those stocking are going to be gorgeous, Kaye.
Margaret said…
These look like fun stockings to work on together! How nice to have a sewing group! I am late to the advice party. I'll just say I'm glad you went with pointy. :D
Mii Stitch said…
Wow!! Those stockings look amazing!!! Is it all hand sewing? I have never seen anything like this, but they all look fab :)
Congrats on your finish, you've done better than me on this one... mine is still a wip!!!
CJ said…
The Christmas stocking is beautiful. I have attempted many and never finished. Look forward to the finish. Time for me to frolic!!
Mary said…
Kaye, you are one busy lady!!! Those stockings are amazing!! Your stitching is beautiful and afternoon in Paris is one big and beautiful stitch!! Enjoy Ma jong!! Mary and RJ
Linda said…
Congrats on the beautiful finish Kaye. Love the stocking.

Those stockings look very complex but I'm sure it's a case of carefully following all the instructions. Read twice, stitch once!

Nice work on Paris, I sometimes get the wavy lines if I use my iPad to take photos. The pixels seem to get out of alignment or something!
Google-Jo has found the answer! It's called moiré.

quote "This effect is called moiré and is caused when a fine pattern in the subject (such as the weave in a fabric or very close, parallel lines in architecture) matches the pattern of the imaging chip. When two patterns meet, often a third, new pattern is created"
Barb said…
Such beautiful stockings. You are part of a great group of crafters. I love your Paris stitch. I have had out of town guests so I have been AWOL. Glad to hear the other stitchers gave you good advice.
Justine said…
Beautiful stockings but please ask Dawn to put Santa's head on, her stocking gave me a fright!
I love your Paris stitch, just beautiful even with the wavy lines.
RJ said…
Kaye what beautiful work is involved in the stockings your group is making. And I really love your Paris stitch. This has to go on my wish stitch. Great job as always. I'm on a two month trip and will stop in whenever I get access to a computer. RJ
Brigitte said…
Beautiful stitching on Paris.
The stocking that all you stitchers are making looks so very interesting. 81 pieces still to go on yours, wow, that sounds like a lot.
Sheryl S. said…
What beautiful stockings, really interesting work and only 81 more pieces to go! Great stitching on the Paris piece.
Oh wow, those stockings look so ambitious! Great work so far :D

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