A Happy Reunion in London.... (London Part One)

.... with DD1 was had by all, practically as soon as we had landed and we finally got to meet her new boyfriend, too! 

Luckily, he has passed the parental test and is a lovely young man and we approve of him (especially as he is an Aussie, too, comes from Melbourne, barracks for the Mighty Tigers just like us and his first and surnames are the names of our two sons - maybe he is just right?????)

(Click on the pic to see the Instagram video)

We missed the snow in London and had a bit of rain on and off, but on the whole it was not too cold with our very warm puffy jackets.
My sister and I started our London adventures at Madame Tussauds whilst TraderVic and DD picked up DS2 and his girlfriend (there was a tribe of us altogether) from the station and went shopping for food - TraderVic just loves to wander the streets of whichever city we visit.
Here are a few of my favourite Madame Tussauds pics - I must admit that the celebrities on display had changed a bit since I was last there in December, 1985!

I thought that Helen Mirren was very true to life.

... and who could resist Colin Firth?

 .... and George Clooney?

... or James Bond???? (who is looking supremely indifferent to me standing next to him - lol!)

Now, who is the more scary monster?  

Do you know, I have never ever seen the movie "E.T."??????

One of my passions: The Tudors....

... and I had to stop and say hello to our Kylie (Minogue) - I can still remember back in the day, playing Charlene on Neighbours.

Dear Sister with a Wookie!

After Madame Tussauds, we went on a bit of a wander....

Who remembers the risque but very funny "Carry on ..." movies?

... and, of course, the ubiquitous red London Doubledecker buses!

Okay, I am going to leave it there - just a taste of the start of our trip.

Please come back to view more of our adventures but you can see more up-to-the-minute photos if you follow me on social media....

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Barb said…
Great photos! It looks like you were having a great time. Very good that you like the boyfriend!!
Vickie said…
What a great time! I agree. I am glad you like your daughter's boyfriend. ;)
Bethan said…
Looks like you had a great part 1 of your trip! I don't think I've ever seen the whole E.T. movie either - you're not alone x
Carol said…
London looks like such fun! How nice to reunite with your daughter and meet her boyfriend--a good sign that you liked him from the get go :)
A great start to the holiday. But how disappointing that the boyfriend is an Aussie! A British boyfriend might give you more of an excuse to come again, maybe even a British Wedding LOL
AnaCristina said…
The Tudors and E.T. were the best!!! LOL
Tiffstitch said…
That looks awesome! The characters are extremely realistic. Glad the new boyfriend passed muster. :) I remember the Carry On movies!
Linda said…
Looks like your having a great time Kaye.

Brigitte said…
I think Madame Tussauds would also be one of my aims when being in London. Must be so interesting.

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