Gifted Gorgeousness 2018.... January Update

So excited to be posting my first Gifted Gorgeousness Post for 2018!

I do have a few exciting GGs to show you this month....

First up is this gorgeous Italian Christmas Cross Stitch magazine, which my darling Giuseppe (one of TraderVic's Sicilian cousins, who is my Sicilian soul mate) gave me as a parting gift.  I will treasure his thoughtfulness always.

Here is a sample of some of the gorgeous designs in it - I can't wait to get started on ALL  of them - lol!

Next up is a very special Gifted Gorgeousness!  On our recent overseas trip (and I promise to post more pics soon), we had a three day stopover in Dubai on our way home to Oz.  So, I was lucky enough to catch up with my long-time online bloggy, stitchy friend, Sarah, from Sarah in Stitches.

We had such fun catching up and Sarah was kind enough to gift me with a tin of sewing goodies - mainly with an Americana theme (as that is one of my favourite themes for stitching).

Love, love, love this sweet little cushion...

Haven't I been spoilt?  Thank you so much, dear Sarah. It was such an absolute pleasure to meet you in person and I hope that you come visit me in Australia one day!

My last entry for GG this month is a bit of shoehorn but we all love a good shoehorn, don't we?

This is a nice package that was waiting for me when I got home.  Last year I signed up for The Silver Needle's "A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Cirlcle!".  Every three or four months, a lovely little package of goodies arrives with a design especially made for the club plus the fixings to make it plus some other special gifties. This package was especially delightful!

So, that is me for GG - this post has taken me over a week to write as I have been dealing with jetlag, going back to work (hmmm! gotta pay for my trips and stash somehow!) and some surprise overseas visitors from Taiwian coming for a lightning visit (my DDIL's mother arrived Wednesday night and her brother tonight (Saturday) but my DDIL leaves for Brunei (to join DS1 who has taken a teaching job there) on Tuesday and the guests don't leave until Wednesday!  So, as usual it is all go! go! go! here in Eaglemont.

But, just a reminder, 

If you want to learn more about GG, just click on the pic below....

.... and if you want to see what everyone else GGed about this month, please click on the link below:

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P.S. I have decided that it is time to start posting my Friday Frolics again (after stopping sometime mid-last year).

So, please check out my latest post here


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Vickie said…
Giuseppe gave you a wonderful gift! And I love that we got to see a picture of you and Sarah!! How lovely that you two met! I hope you do share more pictures of your trip Kaye.
Mary said…
Kaye, How nice that you got to meet Sarah and such lovely gifts she gave you! Love seeing the magazine stitches...looking forward to seeing your travel photos. Mary
deb said…
Oh, Kaye – such beautiful goodies! Thought you were exaggerating saying you wanted to stitch everything in that wonderful magazine, but scrolling through the projects, I can certainly relate – I especially like the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year postcards.

I scrolled down to read more and saw your package from the Silver Needle before I read what you said about it. I thought, oh, cool – somebody wrapped up a gift for her in that paper the Silver Needle used, LOL (I indulged during their New Year’s Eve sale).
Carol said…
Wonderful gifts, Kaye--that magazine had such a lot of great possibilities... How nice to meet another stitcher in person--Sarah knows you well as she gave you such beautiful Americana themed gifts!

Hope you are back to normal very soon--the jet-lag can really be a bear to recover from!
marly said…
So many nice designs in that magazine, something for everyone! The gifts are sweet and I enjoyed seeing all the photos.
Wow, lots of beautiful designs!
Thanks for taking part in GG this month. What a gorgeous magazine. I love the Heart Drop Ornies and the envelopes too.
How lucky for Sarah and you to be able to meet up too. Lovely presents.
I have asked to join the new FB group. There is a very rigorous entrance exam. I do hope I pass muster.
Ariadne said…
What lovely GGs but most of all meeting Sarah!That's one special gift!AriadnefromGreece!
Christine said…
Great gifts, that magazine is fabulous, I must get my daughter (who is studying at an Italian university for the year) to look out for it for me
Julie said…
Great magazine - the little envelope designs with stamps are gorgeous.
How lovely to meet Sarah, lovely parcel she gifted you.
Barb said…
Wow! Kaye, you have lots of wonderful things to stitch!! How nice you got to meet Sarah. It is such fun to meet a person you have gotten to know on the blogs!
Christine M said…
Lovely gifts, Kaye. How lovely to get to meet Sarah.
Brigitte said…
So many things that qualify for a GG post, Kaye. That Italian magazine has wonderful designs in it, a really great gift for a stitcher. And how wonderful that you could meet Sarah whose posts I enjoyed following while she was still blogging.
rosey175 said…
Wow, what a great magazine! I especially love those glass ornament globe things; those are spectacular and Really Need sparkly floss. The USA could learn a thing or two... just think of all the Americana you could stitch then!

Great that you could meet Sarah too! She gave you a lovely tin of fun stuff.
Bethan said…
Lovely gifts, and I can see why you're keen to sew all the patterns in the magazine x

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