My Dear Dad turned 94 yesterday!  I know, amazing, isn't it?  Especially considering he spent 3 and a half years as a POW in WWII in the infamous Changi prison in Singapore.

 My Dear Sister 2, my DS1 and I took him out for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

The food was delicious and beautifully presented.

DS1 had lamb shanks

I had Duck pilaf

Dear Dad had eye fillet steak

Dear Sister 2 had Chicken Caponata

Dad really enjoyed his steak!

My Dad is one of the most marvellous people that I know and I love him dearly.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.



Anonymous said…
a big happy birthday to your dad kaye,what a wonderful man.xx
Linda said…
Happy Birthday to Dad. He looks fantastic for 94. I should look that good.

Mouse said…
lovely photos of you all and wishing your dad a happy birthday from me too :) love mouse xxxxxx
P.J. said…
Happy Birthday to your father; please thank him for his service for our country. I feel honored to read and learn about this hero from my stitching blogging. Amazing! I am getting misty eyed so I will close. Thank you for your service Sir!
Shirlee said…
Happy birthday to your dear father!
Happy Birthday to your dad, he does indeed look good for his age.

marly said…
Happy birthday to an honorable man from the greatest generation. You are blessed to still have him!
Barb said…
Give your Dad a big Happy Birthday for me. What an amazing man!
Anthea said…
What a great way to celebrate your Dad's birthday, what a book he could write!
Thanks to finding your blog a few months ago, I went on to find Lesleyanne's blog my frozen sunshine, and had a win of the Travelling Pattern there. Woo Hoo!
Hope you are well Kaye, take care x
cucki said…
Aww a huge happy birthday to your dad from my heart.
He is so so sweet and I love your family so much...your dad is a amazing man.
Big hugs to you all x
Aww, happy birthday to your dad! That is so sweet :D
Denise SA said…
What a wonderful birthday. Give your dad a hug whenever you can
Chris said…
Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! It looks like you had a lovely evening out.
Valma said…
sweet, sweet, sweet pictures of you Dad, a real young man =)
can't believe he is celebrating his 94 !
give him a very happy birthday for me
that's so great you could share such a moment
my Grandma turned 91 last week...they have parts of History in common
big big hugs
Sally said…
Happy Birthday to your Dad Kaye. He looks fantastic for 94.
AnaCristina said…
happy birthday!!!! 94??!!! wow!!!
Vickie said…
Happy Birthday to your Dad! He looks great! God bless him for his WWII service.
♥ Nia said…
Wow!! 94 :D Happy B-day to your Dad!! :D
Happy birthday to your Dad.:)

Jan Gartlan said…
What a special celebration
Christine M said…
Happy birthday to your Dad. xx
Happy Birthday to your dad. He is a true hero. So glad all of you got together to celebrate - Beautiful.
love Annette
Catherine said…
A very happy birthday to your dad ~ he looks wonderful and like the type of person that would be fun to sit and hear his stories! Like someone else said, a true hero! The dinners all looked delicious!
If he can eat steak for this 94th Birthday he's doing alright!!

My grandad used to take his false teeth out to eat to "make them last longer". He did not often eat steak!
Emma/Itzy said…
aww :) I hope he had a great day!
Stitching Noni said…
A very Happy Birthday to your Dad :)
Looks like you all had a lovely dinner :)
Hugs xx
Melanie K said…
What beautiful photos's of you and your dad Kaye (the food looks scrumptious too). He must be a truly remarkable man to have survived Changi. Love & blessings to you all (hope mum's health is a little better ♥ ♥
Anne said…
He looks really good Kaye!! Happy Birthday to your Papa!! The food looked wonderful and good choice on the duck! Xoxo
Brigitte said…
Great pictures and a happy belated birthday to your Dad.
A really HUGE "Happy Birthday!" to your Father, many best wishes for good health and happiness during the year to come!
Simply Victoria said…
Best wishes to your dad!

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