Quick Stitchy update....

..... So sorry, no time this morning to catch you up on my lovely long weekend in Ballarat but I thought that I should prove that I have been stitching!

First up is Ladybird Fairy for my JE RR, now you might remember all of the trouble I had with Medusa  
Lavender Fairy last round?  Well, Ladybird Fairy is stitching up a dream!  This is less than a week's stitching with no stitching done over the long weekend as I was away!

This is my current train/car stitching - Silent Night, Holy Night by CCN.  This one is coming along quickly, too.

I also stitched on Mary Wigham over the weekend but I have no pics as of yet - I will give you an update on her soon.

Have a great day,



Shirlee said…
Beautiful stitching my friend : )
Linda said…
Great progress on both pieces Kaye. I love the JE Fairy.

Barb said…
Your stitching looks just lovely!
Catherine said…
Lovely stitches!
Margaret said…
Your stitching is beautiful! Looking forward to hearing about Ballarat!
The fairy is pretty and CCN is looking wonderful. I admire you for being able to stitch in the car.
love Annette
Melanie K said…
Kaye; your stitching is just beautiful.
cucki said…
Sweet stitches..
Hugs x
Beautiful progress! :D
Bonitas puntadas!!!.
Un abrazo.
you are working on some lovely projects - Amanda
Beautiful stitching there!
Mii Stitch said…
Great start on the CCN design :) It will look lovely!
Annie said…
Both projects look fantastic!
can't wait to see un update on Mary and the great weekend you must have had!
Silent Night is adorable, I'm happy this fairy treated you better ;)
Hi Kaye, thank you for your sweet visits :) You have beautiful projects in the making, I'm in love with the Silent Night one already! Hugs and sweet day, Wendy
Valma said…
great progress on this new fairy already =)
it seems we will soon see another beauty here
and this new project ...I'm sure I will love =)
I'm now CCN & LHN addict =D
Happy stitching sweetie
Carol said…
Such pretty stitching on both!!
RuthB said…
Beautiful stitching -- congrats on the progress --- and on putting Medusa behind you :) lol
Isn't it funny how some projects just flow away from your needle and others have to be prised out kicking and screaming?!!

I love Ladybird, can't wait to see her done.

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