Gifted Gorgeousness_May 2018 Update

Click on the pic above to find out what Gifted Gorgeousness is all about whilst meanwhile I will show you my May GG.....

Okay, first up is my finished Republican Elephant, this was a gift from my dear friend, Sarah from Sarah in Stitches, when I caught up with her on my January stay in Dubai.

Republican Elephant
Party Tarts
Plum Street Samplers
28 ct linen

Next up is what is going to be my New Start for New Start Sundays and that is this absolutely gorgeous design that I bought from 123 Stitch with the voucher that I won from Jo from Serendipitous Stitching, who, of course, is the hostess of this wonderful GG!

Three Little Kittens by Ink Circles

Don't you just love this design?  So perfect for me?  I am going to make the Mama Cat and kittens match the four cats that I have had the privilege to live with over the past twenty odd years. The Mama Cat will be a Cameo tortoiseshell just like my lovely dearly departed Coco Chanel #5. Then the three kittens will be Furio (ginger), Milo (tabby) and Nobu (tuxedo), of course.

Thank you, Jo, for the voucher.

Please come back for my IHSW post tomorrow to see what progress I make on this piece today.

.... and if you want to see what everyone else GGed about this month, please click on the link below (it will be live once Jo puts up the link up post but as here in Oz we are about nine hours ahead - Jo is still fast asleep!):



P.S. As always, you can check out more of my stitching projects at any of these other of my blogs that I update weekly (usually, fingers crossed)...

P.P.S. I am having ANOTHER Girl's Nest Giveaway (#6), click on the pic below if you would like to enter.  Closes May 31st.


Linda said…
Nice finish Kaye and I love your new chart.

FlashinScissors said…
Sweet gift from Sarah ..... how lovely to meet up with another blogger!
Surely this design was made for you ..... an ideal gift from Jo!
Barbara xx
Margaret said…
Love that cat design! It's going to be fabulous!
Justine said…
Love the Republican elephant in his bright colours. The Three Little Kittens looks like a fun stitch.
Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The 3 Little Kittens is just the perfect design. I am so glad that you are starting it already!
Barb said…
What a great finish. I can't wait to see your cat design. The chart is so cute. Thanks for checking on me, I finally got a post up today!!
rosey175 said…
Three Little Kittens is an adorable chart~ I think the recolored cats are a great touch :D

Also, I searched high and low for that SAL I had mentioned and it was "America, Land That We Love" by Jean Farish. It appears it's no longer a freebie (it was free back in 2000/01 lol). I can't remember if she hosted the SAL at the time or if it was just floating around the Interwebz. I wasn't yet into stitching at the time!
Ariadne said…
The kittens will look lovely in the end!AriadnefromGreece!
Brigitte said…
Two sweet gift charts.
Julie said…
Three little kittens is so sweeet

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