Crazy Busy + The Shortest Lunch in the Yarra Valley

Oh dear, I thought that I was pretty busy but oh dear again - I am now officially CRAZY BUSY!

This building a house business in the backyard is certainly stressful and time consuming!  

So yet again, I am starting a blog post with apologies:

  1. Sorry for not posting for days
  2. So sorry to my last Giveaway Winners - I am busy organising all of your prizes to be sent to you - it may still be another week, I am afraid to say.
  3. This post was meant to be posted on Monday, 25th June - the day after the event!    
So, here we go - Sunday, 24th June,TraderVic and I set off with our dear friends, Marie and Tony for the Shortest Lunch held by the Smaller Wineries of the Yarra Valley.  I think that actually it may have been the Longest Shortest Lunch ever - we left home at 10.30am and didn't get back until about 6pm!

We had the best time, trying wines and having a progressive lunch as we moved from one winery to the next.  Altogether we visited seven wineries (the bottom seven on the map, below), missing out on only five.

This is some of the delicious food that was on offer.

Here are some more pics of the glorious Yarra Valley....

We had such a lovely day but do you want to hear a not-so-funny story?
Well, Tony and Marie have a Ford Everest - a beast of a car, which to get into it you have to grab onto a handle in the ceiling of the car and hoist yourself up.  Well, as we were in and out of the car all day I found that the next day I had strained the adductor muscle in my left groin and by mid-week, I could barely walk and I was in so much pain - it was awful!

So, off to see my marvellous Osteopath, Melanie, who did a wonderful job alleviating the problem.

Fast forward to mid last week, adductor just twinging a bit if I walk too far or go up and down too many steps but otherwise feeling good.  I go out to lunch with friends in a cafe in an old building, nick out the back to use the loo (ladies' facilities for those of you who aren't Aussie) and manage to slip and trip at the same time (water on the bricks - overflow from the gulley trap, I think - and a jutting out low brick step the same colour as the bricks in the courtyard), fall onto jutting up brickwork, a stainless steel sink on the outside of the building and sundry other jutting out things, manage to do a commando roll somehow and end up on my back!

The consequence of all of this is that I am now battered and bruised - big bruises and scrapes on my left knee, left forearm and my left elbow (and from the pain when it is touched I think that I may have chipped the very end of the elbow), huge bruise on my right chest and you should see the bruises on my right upper arm - I did a proper job, I did - lol!

So, feeling very sad and sorry for myself and rather overwhelmed at the moment - I have rather stupidly opted to take on some extra freelance work  to make a bit of money on the side - bad timing, somewhat! - and we are off to Sydney to see DS2 later this week and I am just not sure how to fit it all in! .....

Okay, deep breath - thanks for "listening".

All will be good.



Linda said…
I'm so sorry for all your pain Kaye. Hang in there it will get better.

Carol said…
Oh, Kaye! I hope you recover from all of those bumps and scrapes and bruises very quickly. I would be feeling sorry for myself, too. Hope your visit with your son helps toward making you feel better--I know that always helps me :) Sending a big hug your way!
Mary said…
Such a lovely way to spend the day, beautiful scenery, great wine and a yummy cheese platter! No wonder it was the longest lunch ever!

Sorry to hear about your fall, I hope you heal quickly!
Ariadne said…
Oh hope you will feel much much better soon!Timing!What a word!AriadnefromGreece!
Carm said…
Wow, girl when you do it you do it up right!! Here is the states that would have probably ended up in them paying out some major money!! Hope you feel better soon!!! Always on the go it seems,LOL!
rosey175 said…
Wowza, don't you think the universe is telling you to sit down and stitch?! We've a beast of a truck to haul ourselves in but I didn't realize one could get hurt getting in it!

The green gyoza look interesting; were they vegetarian too?
Stitching Noni said…
Oh my goodness Kaye! You have been in the wars.... hope you recover quickly from that rather nasty fall! Crazy busy is fun but only in short bursts so please make sure you slow down and take your stitching out!
Hugs x
Barb said…
Oh dear Kaye, you have had quite the go round!! Just try to take it as easy as possible. We merely had our house painted and that stressed me out. Building must be a bit overwhelming but so worth it in the end!
Brigitte said…
Oh Kaye, what a report - and such a mixed one. The nice part, the longest shortest lunch was certainly a fantastic experience (except the strained muscle of course). Those green and white dumplings look really delicious and I think they were delicious.
But the the fall and all the bruises you got from it just was the bad part. I hope that you are on the mend and that the pain has decreased.
Oh dear, you have been battered about! Maybe have lemonade next time you visit that many winerys!

Hope you are feeling better soon.
Lin said…
Your day out at the wineries sounds fantastic! - what a shame about the after effects. Actually it sounds like you might be a dangerous lady to have lunch with lol. Ouch, sounds nasty. Do hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy your trip. xx
Bethan said…
It looks like you had such a lovely day out! I hope you feel better after your fall, and that things quieten down soon x
Von said…
The wine tasting day is right up my alley! We love to drive around to our local wineries for a little tasting or other events they hold.

Now just take one minute at a time and do the next thing. Soon you'll be through this stress to a quieter time. Hugs to you!
Margaret said…
I'm way behind on blog reading -- I do hope you are healing well and are feeling much better by the time you read this. You poor thing! Having taken my spill earlier this year, I have such sympathy for your spill. Not fun at all! I hope there was no chip on your eblow or anything else major. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Try to take it easy among all the busy-ness!

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