UCJC - Day 8 update, I am a double winner and back to work for me!

... well, as I suspected, work does not really agree with me.  I have been back one day and I am exhausted! When I was on holidays for two weeks, I could do everything and not be tired - lol!  Oh well, at least it pays for my Stash Empire Building!

Anyway, as I told you, I cannot show you UCJC Day 7 progress as it is a piece for a Love and Friendship Exchange, but I can show you UCJC Day 8 which is also my Sunday SAL with Linda and Debbie:

Santa's 12 Days of Christmas
Day One
The Prairie Schooler
Stitched on 32 count linen
DMC threads

As you know from my blog - we have had a lot of rain and storms in Melbourne lately.  Well, it poured again on the weekend.  So, I thought that I would try to take a couple of photos to show you.  I am not a very good photographer, but here goes:

Lots of Giveaway updates:

Now for some exciting news - I am a double winner!  I have won two different 12 Days of Christmas in Blogland:

Firstly, I won this gorgeous prize from Evalina of a gorgeous heart design - click here to see what I won.  Thank you, Evalina.

Secondly, from Kathy Ellen , I won this lovely Eloquent Christmas tree design, click here to see what I won.  Thank you, Kathy Ellen

While I am on the topic of giveaways - I know that I promised to announce my Day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas in Blogland winner tonight but I am so tired tonight that I am going to draw it tomorrow night if that is okay with everyone?  That means that you have an extra day to enter my giveaway - comment on this post to enter.

I also wanted to let you know about Nicola's great giveaway.  She has the most beautiful blog - you can check it out and her giveaway here.

Well, that is all from me tonight - I am off to start my Day 9 UCJC project.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


Chris said…
I hope that the week gets easier Kaye.At least you have some lovely stitching to brighten the days.
I hope the rain eases and gives you a break.
cucki said…
hello dear, it is raining here so much..today raining too..
your stitching is looking so sweet..keep it up..
congratulations for winning the double giveaway..
love for you cucki xx
Shirlee said…
It is raining here too Kaye! It's always hard for me to get motivated to do what needs to be done when it is raining. I keep hearing the bed calling me, saying "Come curl up under the blankets & take a little nap!" Congratulations on your wins! Blessings, Shirlee
mdgtjulie said…
It is finally not raining here for a few days. the sunshine is somewhat enjoyable. Here's hoping you get some sun soon. But your yard is so green... Lovely. Sorry you're exhausted, but you have to pay for your stash somehow. (Maybe you need to buy a lotto ticket?) I just came from Debbie's blog, where I saw her progress, lol. You both did well!
Lesleyanne said…
Congrats on winning the giveaways. Your new start is lovely.
Carol said…
Your new PS start is darling! I've always meant to stitch those as well. I just love anything Prairie Schooler :)

Congratulations on your wins--looks like 2012 is off to a great start for you, Kaye!
Linda said…
Hi Kaye, Great start on Santa day 1. Congrats on the double win. Your trees are so green. We haven't had any rain since Nov. We have to water the lawn everyday.

Cheryll said…
Rest well my friend! :)
As you say at least work pays so you can add to your stash although it does interfere with your stitching time.
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Hi Kaye lovely start on your Crazy :)
Here has been pouring too, so don't feel lonely :D. And congratulations for wining the two giveaways :D
Lynn said…
Love your PS Santa start Kaye! I keep telling myself that this is the year I'll stitch one of these but it hasn't happened yet.
Congrats on your giveaway wins!
We are receiving rain here today but it's freezing rain! The roads are covered in sheer ice. Think I'll stay put at home and stitch!

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