How rude.... do you agree?

On my way home from a conference today I happened to drive by one of my LQS, one which I had not visited for quite some time, maybe two or three years.  However, I have driven by it many times as it is on the way to my sister's home, my best friend's home and most recently it was on the way home to my parent's house from the hospital where my mother was a patient.  Every time I drove by on those trips to visit family and friends, I thought that it was looking rather shabby and a bit run down.

Well, today I actually had a spare ten minutes or so, so I thought that I would actually pay the LQS a visit - and now I know why it is looking so rundown.

I walked in the door, to find some beautiful looking fabric in bolts on the shelves and I thought to myself - "ooh, lovely" however my initial joy soon turned sour by what I think is rudeness by the shop owner or at the very least very poor salesmanship.

Because I then heard this voice from the next room call out "Are you right just to browse?".  I turned around and saw sitting back in a deck chair (inside?) the shop assistant/owner, with a cup of coffee in her hand, obviously not interested in getting up off that deck chair to assist either me or the other lady who had entered the shop at the same time as me.

I said to her, "Well, actually, I am looking for a few things."

"Do you have any cording, I am making a bag?     "NO!"

"Do you have any christmassy fabric?"  "NO!"

"Do you have a quilting service? I have made a quilt for a friend that I would like to get professionally quilted."        "NO!"

And that was that, no sorries, no suggestion of where else I could go for those things, no further conversation and NO MOVING OFF THAT DECK CHAIR!

I left the LQS, feeling deflated and dissatisfied and I thought to myself "How rude and I am never going there again!"

What do you think?

P.S. Update re my Mum:  She is home again and feeling much better, thank goodness.  Thank you so much everyone for your support, kind wishes and prayers.  They helped me so much through this stressful time.


cucki said…
it is really very rude..i wont go their again too..
not nice..
keep well and have a lovely day
hugs xx
Melissa said…
Hi Kaye! Glad to hear your mom is doing better :)

As for the shopkepper... well that's as bad as it gets doesn't it. But look at this way, she did you a favour! Now you won't have to waste time going back for products/services she doesn't have. And SERIOUSLY what fabric store doesn't have christmas fabric!!! I thought that was a staple???

Anyway, better luck next time in another store!

Shirlee said…
Such great news about your mom! Bad news about the quilt shop though. We have a cross stitch/knitting shop about an hour from here that I will never go to again because of the rudeness of the owner & her employees.
Carol said…
I most certainly agree, Kaye!! Rudeness has become "the norm" in so many parts of society and is just unacceptable. I work with the public day in and day out at the library and no matter what, good manners and a smile are on my face :) I think that shop owner (assistant) could use a few lessons!!

Glad to hear you mom is home again :)
Monique said…
I feel that it was very rude too. I do believe that being a good salesperson is a bit of a art. I have this one shop that sells threads. I only go into this shop when I need a thread urgently and can't wait to order it online. The lady sits at her desk and when you walk in, she comes and stands right next to you. She doesn't say anything but just watches you. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. The last time I actually told her (as soon as I walked in) that I didn't need any help and I know what I was looking for. She still came and stood next to me watching me.
Some people really don't connect their attitude to how well they do in business - I've been on the recieving end of some bad attitude recently as well - it's frustrating when you have no choice but to deal with them
Bea said…
I'm with you Kaye - very rude. No wonder her shop is looking uncared for - no one is going to go back there unless they're desperate - or massachistic!

Great news about your mom - hope she continues to feel better.
Anonymous said…
m so glad that your mum is feeling better and home.How rude and she would have the gall to wonder why her shop is not doing well,i hate to imagine what she would have done if she had to cut fabric for you,nope i wouldnt go back.xx
gracie said…
Oh I know the feeling. Some years back I stopped at a quilt shop and found an adorable cobbler apron on display. I pick up the pattern and approached the clerk. I might add that I was on crutches. I said I wanted to make it and would like the same fabrics used. She pointed to the area where they could be found ad told me to "look there". Not once did she care that I was on crutches with little ability to wander around. Yes, Mr H was with me, but I felt it was her job. I left buying only the pattern and went elsewhere to spend $20 on fabric and never to return again!
SoCal Debbie said…
It certainly would be a shame if this was just an employee and the shop owner didn't realize how rude she is and how she is costing her business! I certainly wouldn't go back either!
Faith... said…
Glad to hear your mom is doing well!

That is one of the problems these days with customer service. We try to visit the physical stores and you get no help - they lose a sale, then they wonder why they have to close thier doors. I wouldn't go back or I would call the owner and complain!
Christine M said…
Glad to hear your Mum is back home and feeling better. I once went into a LQS with some friends. We weren't even acknowledged. The store person was talking to a woman who had booked into the beginner course and was buying all her fabric for the quilt. A big sale! I thought it was quite rude that she didn't even look up when we walked in. Needless to say, we've never been back.
Shelleen said…
That was very rude and I wouldn't go back either.
valerie said…
Very rude! Probably why it's looking so shabby. So happy to her your mom is doing better and back home!
sharine said…
No doubt she is also the same person to complain that no one supports local business. Good to hear your mums on the mend.
Crazee4books said…
Hi Kaye,

The way things are going in the retail sector these
days it's a wonder to me that someone in the
business of selling to the public would be so
deliberately ignorant and lazy.

Glad to hear that your Mom is home and doing so
much better. Bet your Dad's thrilled and relieved
to have her home as well.

mdgtjulie said…
Um, yeah, I'm right there with you. rude. She cold have gotten up to come over to you and see if you needed help. Dizzy blonde moment maybe? (Or dizzy brunette moment, or redheaded moment or... Well, you get the idea.) I wouldn't have gone back either. If you can't even be bothered to come speak to me, I can't be bothered buying anything at your store. I think that's a big part of what's wrong with the world today. No one cares enough to do the right thing!!! Courtesy is gone, and people are all about me! We older folks know how it's done, lol.
Cheryll said…
Well perhaps someone NiCe will buy it from the dragon! Go shop where you are welcomed! :)
Sally said…

Just found your lovely blog and become a follower.
You have some lovely stitching on your blog.
I agree with you, a very rude shopkeeper. I wouldn't be surprised if the shop has to close.

Happy weekend.
Valma said…
was the name of the shop 'Empty shop' or 'amazing emptiness' ??!!!
nowadays it's difficult to have a shop that works well, this woman needn't money !!
you're right to think you'll never go there again ! I would think the same
hope your Mum is well
big hugs
Jane and Chris said…
Just popping in to say "Hi" (I'm waving too). I hope you feel at home whenever you visit my blog.
I'm totally in awe of talented people like you!!
Jane x
Anne said…
Terribly rude! I'm amazed she still has a business. I don't get it why people open shop if they hate dealing with people?!?!? So bizarre!

Glad to hear your mom is doing better!

Catherine said…
So glad to read that your mom is okay.
As for that shop owner, not the way to be if you want to keep a good business going!

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