Mislaid TUSAL jar, some stitchy progress and a Happy Dance

Hi everyone,

I will begin with an update on my Mum, she does seem to be on the improve although now she has an infection in her legs.  She is still in hospital but we are hopeful that she will be back home with Dad in the next day or two.  Thank you so much for all your kind wishes and continual support.  It means a great deal to me at this rather stressful time.

Now, on to some stitchy news:

I seem to have "lost" my TUSAL jar temporarily, so here is this month's orts in the little tin which I collect them in whilst I stitch - a variety of colours this month.

Here is something which I am stitching to place on the Santa Sack which I am making for the Santa Sack swap. I am running a bit late with this but just to prove that I am on my way, here are the two panels I am stitching for the front and back.

I also had yet another new start - this is the letter "K". Sorry the first photo doesn't do justice to the lovely green overdyed fabric I am using.  I am really pleased with my progress on this - this is what I have accomplished in a week and a half!

And finally, my Happy Dance.  My friend's baby was born on Monday so I was able to finish Noah's Ark for her - here it is:

Off to continue getting ready for my DD's 21st party tomorrow night and then off to the hospital to visit Mum and look after Dad.



Lots of lovely things happening here Kaye...especially the news on your Mum!
Anonymous said…
you have been a busy lady,lovely projects and hope your mum and dad are improving and have a great night with you DD birthday.xx
sharine said…
Good to hear your mum is on the mend.Beautiful finish on Noah's Ark.
Linda said…
So glad to hear your Mom is doing better...great projects!Love the Noah's Ark finish!
Christine M said…
Glad to hear your Mum is on the improve. Your Noah's ark stitching looks lovely.
beagleAnnie said…
Good to hear your Mom is improving.
And stitching progress is great! The Noah's Ark stitch makes a wonderful gift to the baby!
you are getting a lot of stitching done! lovely gift for the baby - I love stitchy gifts :)
Valma said…
I was about to write you a mail today because I haven't 'seen' you here for a few days and I was worrying... =D
But I'm happy to learn your Mum feels better and will come back home, we always feel better at home, in our bed !!
congrats for you stitching :)
don't worry if you're late on your first project, Xmas is not for tomorrow =)
you have more important thing to deal with for the moment
big hugs from France
Chris said…
I hope that your mom will be home soon and continues to improve daily.
Wonderful stitching progress.
Shirlee said…
Such good news about your mom! Will continue to pray for her recovery : ) Lovely projects!
cucki said…
hello dear, so happy to know that your mom is feeling netter now..
very lovely stitching..
love for you xxxxxxxxx
Wagapapa said…
I'm glad to hear your mum will be at home in 2 days or less, hope she continues improving.

Noah's Ark is so beautiful and the K you are stitching looks wonderful.

Have a nice day! xoxo
Ana Cristina said…
Very lovely stitching!

Kisses for you and your mom!
Anonymous said…
Good news that your Mum will be coming home. I hope she continues to get better.
Your stitching is lovely.
Enjoy your DD's party!
Kaisievic said…
On Chiara's behalf:

I'm so glad to hear a sort of good news about your mom, definitely being back home will cheer her up!!
I do hope everything is down the hill for you all now.. and (on a stitchful note) you managed to stitch a lot! lucky you!!
a big hug,
Dani - tkdchick said…
I'm glad to hear that your Mom should be home soon!!!

On the lighter side... how do you misplace an ort jar? I know that mine is quite substantial you'd have to be blind to miss it!

Beautiful stitching!
popped by to catch up and let you know I am back to blogging,

Gill in Canada

P.S. Sorry to here your mum is not well.
Bea said…
Noah's ark looks wonderful - I'm sure it will be cherished. Great work with your other stitching. And I'm so glad your mother is coming along. I'm sure you're all relieved.
I'm so glad to hear your mother's getting better! That's amazing news. And I love all the projects you're working on! Noah's Ark in particular looks fabulous.
mdgtjulie said…
I'm so glad to hear your mom's improving, Kaye. Happy news!!! I will say another prayer for her continued improvement. And grats on the final happy dance for NA. That's awesome. (I almost called it Noah's Sub, lol.) Love your K too. The fabby is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
valerie said…
So glad to hear your mom is on the mend and improving! Congrats on your Noahs Ark finish!
Brigitte said…
You must be so relieved that your mom will be home from the hospital very soon.
You have some lovely projects on the go. And this little birth sampler is just darling.
Nice to hear your Mum is improving. Congrats on finishing the Ark too, it's a lovely design and a great name for baby too.
Shebafudge said…
Glad to hear your mum is on the road to recovery and will be home soon.

Lovely progress on your stitching. The Noah's Ark is lovely.
SoCal Debbie said…
The baby sampler is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift.

Good luck finding your ORT jar before the next TUSAL post!
Bonnie Brown said…
Colourful Orts! Hopefully you found your normal rot container
Mangogirl said…
Gorgeous stitching.

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