Some stitchy progress...and a lovely, unexpected gift!

Hi my darling stitchy friends,

I am back safe and sound from my work trip to Sydney - which went really well - my meetings were all successful - yay!  And I even managed to get some stitching (and shopping) done - double yay!  But without anymore ado - here is my stitching update:

Quaker Christmas II "Songs of the Season" Before:

Progress pic (sorry no time to iron) - really pleased with how this is shaping up - although Amanda is going great guns with this - much better than me.  Check out her progress and that of Evalina via the links on my sidebar, if you want to see how they are going.

Middle Earth Map (LOTR) - Before:

(Lack of) Progress pic - the Frog Prince has been having a sleepover and I just cannot get rid of him!!!!

Summer Garden Travelling Pattern Before:

Progress Pic (sorry, again no time to iron):

.....and lastly, I received the most gorgeous little mitten scissor fob as an unexpected gift from my darling friend, Cucki.  They are just perfect with my little scissors which I use for my train stitching (ie the stitching I do on the train on the way to work).

Just to give you an idea of the cute size of my scissors and the fob - I took a photo of them next to a pair of my normal-sized scissors.

Thank you dear Cucki, you are so sweet!

hugs to you all,


Emma/Itzy said…
Great progress on your projects - I just hope the frog leaves your LOTR project alone!

Such a sweet gift from Cucki, she is a darling :)
Anonymous said…
love your stitching Kaye,can i ask a question please is my parcel supposed to be here yet as i am not sure if it has gone missing.xx
Bea said…
So sorry to hear the frog is enjoying himself at your place. Hope he hits the road soon.

Love the scissor fob. What a sweet thing for Cucki to do.
Linda said…
All your stitching looks grand although I hope Froggy leaves soon! That lift prize looks adorable on your scissors...what a sweet gift! Happy Monday to ya!!
I too love the scissor fob you are lucky. Love all your progress on your stiching.

Gill in Canada
Nicola said…
What a darling pair of scissors and fob, just as sweet and cute as Cucki
gracie said…
Oh such a cute fob!
sharine said…
The scissor fob is adorable:)
Fiore said…
Nice progress!
cucki said…
Aww me so happy that you liked it..I was thinking of you so much when I was making it..
I hope mr frogie leaves you soon
Lovely stitching
Hugs for you always xx
Christine said…
Great progress, sorry about the frog visit.
The scissor fob is so sweet
Valma said…
great progress Kaye =)
I'm happy you had a safe trip and that your trip went very well for you =D
so cute gift from Cucki, tiny things are really cute
happy stitching
Mii Stitch said…
Great progress, hope Monsieur La Frog leaves you alone from now on!!!
Chris said…
Great stitching progress. Sorry that the frogs showed up.
What a sweet fob from cucki!
Catherine said…
Yuck on the frog! Hope he decides to move on soon! Your stitches look great and that is such a sweet gift from Cucki!!!
Denise SA said…
Sorry the frogs have been visiting great progress and lovely. Scissor fob
Shirlee said…
Frog must make quick hops between your house & mine because he's really been causing trouble here the past couple days! It still looks like you're making great progress though! Love, love, love that mitten fob from Cucki! She is such a sweetie : )
Beautiful progress on all your pieces - although I'm sorry you've had to frog so much of the Middle Earth piece. Good luck!
Linda said…
Great progress Kaye. Sorry about that darn frog. I thought they were only pesty during the summer. lol Love the little mitten scissor fob.

Anne said…
Lovely stitching and such a cute little scissor fob mitten!! :)
Cathy Pavlovich said…
You've got some lovely stitching projects going on! And the little mitten scissor fob is so adorable. What a wonderful gift to get!
SoCal Debbie said…
Summer Garden looks really pretty! The mitten scissor fob is adorable.
Sally said…
Beautiful progress Kaye. Sorry to hear about the frog on you LotRs piece.

Lovely gift from Cucki.
JenniDMills said…
Oh that Quakers Christmas looks divine - but the limited palatte might get to me!

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