2014 Online Advent Calendar Blog hop

This year I am taking part in the gorgeous Jo's Online Advent Calendar Blog hop again.  This is so much fun and a great way to spread some Christmas Cheer and to meet friends - both old and new.

We only have two easy tasks to perform as part of the blog hop (Jo is kind to us!).  The first is, of course to show a Christmassy pic, preferably of some stitching or craft.

So, of course, I am going to show off my Bah Humbugs!

Three are completely finished (by the wonderful Wendy and Sue at my LNS, Lazy Daisy, thank you Ladies)  whilst two new ones are waiting for something more to happen to them (plus of course, one has been sent on its merry way to a new owner).

Now, do not let the Bah Humbugs fool you, I love Christmas and strive always for a perfect Christmas (hmmm! Not sure that I have ever achieved that) but there is something about the quirkiness of these designs that I just adore, I am not sure what but I love them!

The second task was to talk about their Best Ever Present.  Well, I have two to tell you about.

The first was given to me one Christmas when I was about 12 or 13.  That year, all I wanted for Christmas was a transistor radio or trannie as we Aussies called them (in our innocence before that word had another connotation).  I remember my excitement as the presents under the tree were given out and I received the 'obligatory' books and pretty things, etc but there was one present that was just the right shape to be a radio yet I couldn't quite work out the name on the label.

Well, you can imagine my joy when I received this:

Now, unfortunately, I no longer have this radio (this pic is from the internet) but I can tell you I had years and years of wonderful times listening to the latest songs on it.

My second memorable present was the birth of my youngest son, NOT happening on Christmas Day of 1991.  I can remember being at my sister's for Christmas lunch feeling most strange and I think that I literally sat all day with my legs crossed, telling myself "I AM NOT HAVING THIS BABY TODAY!".  Well, it worked and DS2 was born on Boxing Day instead - lol!

Here he is with my Dad, a handsome young man about to fly the nest early next year to take up a job in Sydney.  Where have those years since 1991 gone?

Thank you, Jo for hosting such a great blog hop.  So, please just hop along to Jo's blog to check out the rest of the Advent Calendar.

Merry Christmas everyone,



Thoeria said…
Your bah humbugs are quirky indeed! I just love them! And they've been finished so beautifully!
A handsome son with his dapper grandfather :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely post Kaye ,love your bah humbugs.xx
Carol said…
Lovely stitching and finishing, Kaye! And the photo of your son and father is so sweet--both such handsome men. I wish him luck in his new job!
Jacquie Morris said…
oooh yes loving those Bah Humbug stitchings, they are great. Love the way you finished them too :)
Wonderful story too... good luck to your son :)
Merry Christmas :)
Smiles :)
Ranae said…
I never seen the bah humbug designs, but I love your collection. You have to handsome men in your life, funny but crossing your legs, lol that made me smile. Good luck to your son
sew.darn.quilt said…
I love your Bah Humbugs, they're a complete delight. Thank you for sharing them. LOL about your youngest!
Barb said…
You have some some wonderful Christmas stitching. The picture of your Dad and your handsome son is priceless.
Bea said…
Love your Christmas stories! That photo of your son and your father is a wonderful keepsake - a family treasure. I have one of my father and his grandmother that I just love.
Linda said…
Love the ornies Kaye. I had a radio like that. Thanks for the memory. Your son is a nice looking young man. So when is boxing day.

butterfly said…
A warm and lovely post love your stitching and the storys .
Christine said…
Love those bah Humbugs!
I used to have a radio just like that (except mine had a black "leather" coat on)
Thanks for taking part this year with your "grumpy" decorations!
Quite a few people have chosen music related gifts as their Best Present. I don't think the current generation can understand the concept of not having music available 24/7 on TV, radio, ipods etc.
Hubby was working with a trainee sound engineer this week and she showed him a strange device the singer had given her with all his music on. Hubby said "it's a mini-disc, you put it in this machine and it plays music!"
Everything is on iPads and iPods these days it seems!
Thank you also for the lovely picture of your handsome son, maybe that should be next year's theme!!
Vickie said…
Oh your ornaments are finishing up so very nicely Kaye.
What great stories. Especially your leg crossing technique! ha!
cheryl said…
Yours is the first collection of "Bah Humbugs" I have seen & they are terrific! Merry Christmas!
Those ornaments finished are beautiful! And your son...what a handsome young lad!
Love the Bah Humbugs! They're so cute. It was great to find out about your favorite presents too - I love that story about the birth of your son! :D
Frances N said…
Those "Bah Humbugs" are precious! They look wonderful! How fun to have them on your tree!
The photo of your dad & son is priceless! Love it!
Shirlee said…
A sweet post my friend! I fondly remember receiving a transistor radio when I was about the same age. It accompanied me everywhere & I wish I still had it : ) The photo of your son & father is wonderful! Have a very happy & blessed Christmas my dear, dear friend!
Sheryl S. said…
lovely Bah Humbug ornaments.
Joysze said…
Love the pic of your son and dad, Kaye! What a supremely beautiful pic. :)
Maggee said…
Funny story about the birth of your youngest son! I would have to really think about how to answer the best present question! You did some really cute stitching this holiday season! Hugs!
Brigitte said…
These humbugs are really very special and you just have to love them no matter if you love Christmas or not.

Two great Christmas stories. MOst of the participants of the blog hop remember a Christmas story of their childhood and I have loved reading them all. But your second story with the crossed legs is just funny. I mean, it's funny that it worked, lol. A great picture of your son with his grandpa.
Hazel D said…
Beautiful ornaments. I don't believe anyone who dislikes Christmas could stitch them ....

I love your stories and your photo - time goes so quickly and suddenly the little toddler is off into the wide world.
rosey175 said…
Of course it would be the Bah Humbugs; they're awesome! I dunno that I'll ever achieve a perfect Christmas and I think I'll give up while I'm happy with the way they turn out anyway. :D

LOL at crossing your legs and willing your son to stay inside just a bit longer!

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