Still reading.....

after 17 years, my book club is still going strong.

Here is our 2014 Xmas photo, although a few ladies were missing due to illness.

Sorry, I am looking a bit stern in the photo, as one of my girlfriends had just been talking about all the sucking in, sitting up, jutting your chin forward, etc. that you should do to make yourself look better in the photo (when you are our age), so I was so busy doing all that, that I forgot to smile and look happy - lol!

We had dinner at the home of one of the ladies, doesn't the table look pretty?

The meal was fully catered by this most amazing cook. First course was a delicious array of canapes (no photo, sorry), ranging from smoked salmon on mini rosti to the most delicious minced lamb filo parcels.

For main I had the poached salmon ....

Whilst the other choice was Duck with Asian salad.

... and dessert was so gorgeous.... Passionfruit souffle!

There was also a choice of a lemon ricotta cake but again, sorry no pic.

Oh, amongst all the laughter and reminiscing, we did manage to talk about the book!  It was Indelible Ink by Fiona McGregor, if anyone is interested.

All in all, a fabulous evening.

Love you, book club girls.  Here's to another 17 years.


KimM said…
I think you look FABULOUS in the photo, Kaye! And the food - holy smokes! What fun you all must have had.
Linda said…
How lucky you are to have a group of ladies to get together with. You ALL look great.

Anonymous said…
wow thats so nice,what a wonderful group,thankyou for sharing Kaye.xx
Margaret said…
Wow, 17 years! That is amazing! Congratulations. That's quite the celebration you had!
Barb said…
Your comment about the picture made me laugh. Did you enjoy the book? There are only 4 of us in my book group.
Bea said…
17 years - wow! Looks like a wonderful celebration. I hope you have many more together.
Preeti said…
That's nice that you have great book loving friends:)
Thoeria said…
You look fantastic Kaye! What's this about "people our age"!! LOL You are fabulous no matter what the number is :)

The food....oh my.....YUMMY!! That all looks so lovely!
That looks like so much fun! :D
Your Book Club is excellent!
Do not worry, you look great! Important is the soul and the mind, not the look:-))
In our age, it is the appearance irrelevant:-))
The table is spreaded like in star restaurant!
Wendy S. said…
Just beautiful! =)
Stitching Noni said…
Great photo!!!
You all look fabulous :o)
And that food.... wow! yummy!!
What a great achievement to be a part of such a long running club - well done!
Hugs xx
AnaCristina said…
Good Sunday and good week!

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