A Sort of/Sorting Girl's Nest Giveaway # 4 ....

Hello to all my dear Bloggy friends, 

As you may remember, I have been trying to clean "stuff" out of my house for a while now, in preparation for a lifestyle change next year sometime (don't worry, nothing too drastic, just going to knock our house down and build two new homes on the block!) Part of this has been trying to rationalise some of my craft stuff (although TraderVic feels that nothing has been achieved in that area and keeps asking with a baffled look on his face "Do you really need all of that stuff?") lol!

Anyway, as I was going through one of my "boxes" of past transgressions, I found this little kit that I started.  As you can see, only a small start has been made but as I look at it I think, "Hmm! No longer my style."

So, if anyone is interested, I am giving it away.  As you can see it is a full kit, complete with 14ct black aid, all of the threads, already sorted on a card for you, a hanger for the finished product,a rather battered pattern (sorry, not sure what happened there) and a little bit of stitching already done for you!

I will keep this open for a week, until 9am next Sunday (AEST),July 16th,  please comment CLEARLY, on this post if you are interested.  I am happy to post worldwide.


P.S. Just to clarify....

"Why is it called a Girl's Nest Giveaway?  A very good question, my dear friends. Luckily, the answer is fairly simple.  The Girl's Nest is what my sewing room is affectionately referred to by TraderVic and my family and as I am on an eternal quest to tidy up,organise and streamline my what-seems-to-be-a-very VAST collection of sewing, quilting, stitching and knitting stuff goodies, I have decided that sharing the stuff love is one good way of doing this."


Clare said…
I so enjoyed my visit to Amish areas and hope to visit there again but didn`t get a project to remember my time there. Love your little kit I would love to stitch this. :) Happy Stitching.
Barb said…
I helped my DH clean the garage this last week. After complaining about some of the Cr_ _ that he kept, I thought of my craft room. I became very quiet !!!!
Your little amish quilt is darling -- I would love to work this one up.
Nothing drastic, she says! Just demolition and rebuilding.
Hope it all goes well.
Marianne said…
Just found your blog! What a great inspiration.....
I like this kit. Would love to finish it!
Lots of greetings from the Netherlands, Marianne
Carm said…
Kaye as a quilter and living a few miles from the Amish I would love to finish this! Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you have good luck the downsizing of your stash

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