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My name is Kaye and I am 58 years old. Unbelievably to me, at my age, I have now just embarked upon my third career - as a History Education Consultant! I love to cross stitch and quilt, especially with my kittens, Furio and Milo "helping" me. I also love to read, I have a passion for history and I have been cooking since I was about 12 - move over Junior Masterchef! So, this blog, which started out as a cross stitch blog sometimes morphs into a reading journal or a history lesson (sorry, I used to be a secondary teacher before I became a publisher and now a consultant) or a post about my cooking mojo. Whatever it is, this blog is alway about me, my family and my life here in Eaglemont, Victoria. I have been happily married for over 30 years to the most wonderful man and we are blessed with three beautiful grown up children.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Lots of Friday night Stitching

...... to show you!

This is because the last time I posted about my actual stitching was on June 1st in this post here.  Oh boy, am I behind!

But to get you up to date, here is all of the stitching I did over the past four Fridays for my Friday Frolics (where I focus on stitching on a WIP each Friday). 

Here goes:

Twenty-third Frolic: June 16th

I remember that I had a really productive day for my Twenty-third Frolic, I actually had nothing on that day (amazing in itself), so I spent most of the day pottering around in my Girl's Nest and catching up on my Masterchef watching. 

This is what I worked on:

I finished the stitching on "Accept this trifle from a friend" (which is a freebie from Plum Street Samplers) and then I searched through my fabric stash to find the perfect green fabric for the backing (it matches the bird exactly) - very happy to find it.

I also FFOed, Singin' in the Spring (CCN) - again with fabrics from my stash - this time I used bright 1930s fabrics.

I also did a bit on my Nutcracker Sampler

I also pulled out this Happy Halloween UFO but I put it away again as I couldn't find the relevant threads but maybe it will come out again soon for Friday Frolics.

(Psst! If you are wondering what the real reason is as to why I put it away again, it is the fact that the pumpkins are stitched using Smyrna Crosses and it was Soooo fiddly getting them right - and there are still two more to go - yikes!)

I also pulled out this UFO ...  Snowmates by Blue Ribbon Designs from the JCS Christmas Ornie Magazine 2015.

.... and worked on it a little more.

So, a very successful Twenty-Third Friday Frolic.

Twenty-fourth Frolic: June 23rd

For this Frolic, I picked up Afternoon in London by CCN, this is a gift for a friend's 60th and I really need to get a wriggle on as she is going to turn 61 at the end of July!  (Only a little late with this one, but it did take us a while to find the right design for her tastes.)

I managed to get quite a bit done on that Friday and over the rest of the weekend, as you can see.

Loving stitching this one, gorgeous muted palette and the fabric I am stitching on is a dream to work with. 

Twenty-fifth Frolic: June 30th

For this frolic, I thought that I should get a wriggle on with my Red Robin pouch.

So, I went from here....

... to this....

I am really happy with how the red Japanese beads make the design pop and give it that real Christmassy feel.

Twenty-sixth Frolic: July 7th

On July 7th, I picked up Afternoon in Paris by CCN again, as I do really need to get it finished very soon.

So, it went from this ....

.... to this...

Getting so close to a finish now!

So, that is four weeks of Frolicking for you, I am so looking forward to picking up another WIP this coming Friday - only two more sleeps!



Nurdan Kanber said...

This post is just a feast for stitchers's eyes ♥♥♥Love them all♥♥♥

Lesley said...

Fantastic Friday stitching Kaye.

Justine said...

Beautiful stitching! I love your FFOs especially Singin in the Spring, and your Afternoon in Paris is gorgeous and so close to a finish.

Karyn said...

I loved reading about your frolics, everything is progressing nicely and as always, Kaye, your stitching is beautiful. I love your CCN finish, and the fabric on the back is so fun, both the fabric and the patchwork finish...very cool! The fabric for Accept this Trifle is perfect, almost like it was made for it...can't wait to see it all sewed up ♥️ The Japanese beads really do make Red Robbin pop!
I am so proud of you...that is great progress.
Your friend is going to flip when she sees her gift, it was worth waiting for :)
Have a great day

Kay said...

Looking good. I really like the Paris one. x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fantastic Frolicking for the month!
I love the way you have finised the CCn cushion, such pretty fabrics and braid trim.
I am sure your friend will love her Afternoon stitching even if it is a little belated!

Linda said...

Congrats on the beautiful finishes Kaye. Awesome progress on your other projects.


Daniela Bencúrová said...

You surprise me, my dear girlfriend! A lot of beautiful themes, all I like!
Number One is Paris for me!
I send you a heartfelt greeting!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

There is so much stitching eye candy in this post. Thanks for sharing all of it! --Andrea

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Kaye, how busy you were with your Friday Frolic stitching. And you picked some great projects.

Sarah in Stitches said...

You've been so busy! Your stitching is looking beautiful. Afternoon in Paris is my favorite :D

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