The Alphabet Club_Saturday Detention for X


Yep, Pauline Hanson!

To our eternal shame as Australians, Xenophobia does unfortunately exist in Australia and it is personified by the leader of the One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson - whose infamous catchphrase is "Please Explain."  Say no more!

However, there is also .....

An Australian Punk Rock Band


... whom I have never heard of but are obviously legends (in their own minds????), according to their Facebook page!

Lastly, X also stands for the only town in Australia which starts with X - 
Xantippe in Western Australia!

Click on either of the two pics below to read more about this tiny town.

 Anyway, that is all from me for the Letter X but let me explain what The Alphabet Club is all about ....

  It is the brainchild of Chiara from The Grey Tail and Jo from Serendipitous Stitching and is loosely based on the premise of the movie "The Breakfast Club" - you can see the button for The Alphabet Club on my right sidebar.

On the first Saturday of each month, members of the club have "detention" and have to post about something that will enlighten others about their culture (as blogland is so diverse).  Of course, there should/could be something stitchy in there, if possible (although I seemed to have moved right away from that premise as the months have gone by, instead focusing on boring you all with quirky facts about Australia - lol!)

Each month will be a different letter of the alphabet - hence the club's name - and, of course, we started with "A" and now we are up to "X", nearly at the end of the alphabet but dear Jo tells me that she has a great idea for Life after Z - can't wait to find out what it is!

The Alphabet Club

Please visit Chiara's blog, The Grey Tail, for the link up post.

.... and one last thing before I go, I have an UPDATE for my last Alphabet Club post, which was for W is for Waltzing Matilda.

Last evening, Trader Vic and I were lucky enough to hear Eric Bogle sing.  

Some friends of ours, who live locally, host regular House Music parties for troubadors from all around the world - we were lucky enough to get tickets to see Eric Bogle (they sold out in three hours!).

He was amazing, a great raconteur and such wonderful ballads.

Of course, I cried when he played "And the band played Waltzing Matilda".

It was a magical evening, so special.

Anyway, enough from me for now - my next post will be an update of my trip to Camperdown and the Western District of Victoria and after that, I absolutely promise that there will be a stitching update - I am actually stitching like mad, in between my very active social and work life - promise!



RJ said…
I find your posts very interesting Kaye. They are all things I never knew before so it's fun. Are you still in Australia on business? Looking forward to seeing what you have been stitching. And I'm very interested to hear about Campertown doo dah! Have a lovely weekend. RJ @ stitching friends forever
Lesley said…
Interesting X post, not easy to find X stuff.
Looking froward to your next update:)
But dear Pauline isn't just xenophobic, she also hates disabled people! She's a real equal opportunities hater.
I wonder if we have any X towns here, can't think of any.
Glad that you enjoyed the concert too.
Barb said…
I can't imagine having to come up with the X things. You did a fine job. Your evening with the Waltzing Matilda song sounds enchanting!
CJ said…
Very interesting post. I love reading abut The Alphabet Club. Each post is like a mini lesson. Eric Bogle is wonderful.

Brigitte said…
Oh my, X, the dreaded letter, for me at least. But you came up with some great things. Very creative, particularly the first X that you showed, lol.
jocondine said…
Glad to read your TAC post and to discover a X town out of China... When I'll finally reach my X post I'll have to use a shoehorn for the X town I visited a shame I haven't go to Australia. Hugs
Carol said…
X would have been a difficult letter for me, Kaye, but you've done an excellent job in creating this interesting "X" post! Sounds like things are really busy for you at the moment--glad you are still finding time to stitch :) Happy July!

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