A Day Trip to Cambridge (London Part Four) ....

Time for another European Trip post and we are still in London but this time we are taking a day trip to Cambridge, to visit my Dad's hometown and see the house he grew up in for the first seven years of his life (he moved to Australia with his mother when he was seven).  

Warning: Very Pic heavy!

So, we left from Kings Cross Station where we spied the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 and3/4.

... and after a relatively quick train journey we found ourselves in Cambridge and standing in Dad's street!

... and then outside his house (the white door)

Then it was time to wander through Cambridge, which was absolutely gorgeous!

Just think, if Dad had never come to Australia, maybe I would have grown up in Cambridge? 
(Although, I would never have been born, of course, it would have been some other child of Dad's who would have been born!)

Our yummy brunch!


 ... and look here, is my Henry (Viii)!

 Phew! What a marathon of pictures!  I hope that you enjoyed them.


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Vickie said…
Kaye it is wonderful to know you got to see your father's home.
Clare - Aimetu said…
It's always good to see our country through others' eyes, what a thrill to find your Dad's house
Julie said…
i imagine it was a very emotional visit to the house for you Kaye.
Linda said…
Beautiful pictures Kaye.

Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye wow what amazing pics of a wonderful time,thankyou for sharing my friend xx
RJ said…
Thank you so much Kaye for so many lovely photos. Cambridge was one of my favorite places in England. I got to tour it for three days and loved every minute of it. How wonderful that you got to see the home your Dad spent seven years in. What an outstanding experience this trip is. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
Kay said…
I love this post. I spent 4 years at Cambridge University and still think it is is one of the most beautiful, magical, cities in the world. So glad you got to visit your dad's home. x
Mary said…
I enjoyed your journey to your Dad's hometown immensely. I love seeing old buildings and Cambridge is gorgeous. I want to visit there now too....Thanks for taking the time to add all the photos. How idyllic is all looks, especially the bridge photos over the river. Mary
Margaret said…
So lovely to see Cambridge! And to hear of your father's origins too!
You need to come back, there are a couple of buildings that you didn't photograph!
How awesome to find the house where your Dad was born too.
I was actually born in the same bed in the same room as my Mum. They had changed the mattress though!
Also, have you read The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett?

I think you might enjoy it.

Brigitte said…
Great to see the old college buildings and churches with the colourful windows. A great university city.
Brigitte said…
... and to go and visit the street and house where your Dad grew up before moving to Australia. A great bonus while visiting Cambridge.
Bethan said…
Looks like you had a fantastic visit - makes me feel like I should play tourist for the day sometime soon; I am far too oblivious of all the gorgeousness of Cambridge it seems x

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