Falling off the wagon, when I had only just got on it!

Oh dear, I have been a very bad Stitch from Stasher!

This is my first year taking part and I have fallen at the first hurdle - my wonderful LNS, Lazy Daisy is closing down (sob!) and I just could NOT resist the SALE!

Here is what lead to my downfall....

Plus a set of the new DMC floss colours (no pic, as I still need to go collect them from the shop).

My next question will be - where to start?  

So, very happy with my Stash Empire Building but less happy with my Stitch from Stash Total!
January 2018
Budget $32 AUD
Expenses: $350 - Lots of new designs, fabric and floss (my LNS is closing down and had a huge sale!) + $24 (mags, 'cos I forgot I was doing Stitch from Stash - lol!)
Credits: $150 Xmas money + $9.50 for four Smalls finishes (all PS smalls, three full coverage)
New Balance: MINUS $182.50 AUD 

Gulp! I am going to have to stitch like mad to make up the deficit!!!!!!!!


P.S. Off to Ballarat for the weekend but look out for another European travels post early next week.


Julie said…
The positive is that you have helped the lady to decultter her shop, which I would imagine she was very grateful for lol.
Ballerat makes me think of Dr Blake Mysterys, we've been catching up with that on TV recently and really enjoyed it.
Have a lovely weekend x
Barb said…
With a shop closing, of course, you had to help the owner get rid of things. I do love all that wonderful stash. You have Jack's Bash and that is one that I am considering for next Halloween.
Kay said…
This post made me laugh!!! I would have done exactly the same, and a least it was on sale. x
deb said…
If you're going to fall off the no-stash-enhancement wagon, you might as well do it in a big way, and wow, you certainly did! How sad that your LNS is closing. I empathize - the one here (the only one for 100 miles or more) quietly disappeared last year - I made time to go one afternoon and was shocked to find the store completely empty, sign gone, and a notice of a jewelry store to open soon.

But of course you had to take advantage of the closing sale, especially as you'll soon not have the opportunity to go there to shop.
Oh my goodness what a stash!!

Save the LHN 12 Days for next year and I'll join you in a SAL.
Anthea said…
Ha ha Kaye, this is a very spectacular wagon-fall-off indeed! So many beautiful charts to keep you stitching
Bethan said…
I feel like a closing down sale is a great excuse to fall off the wagon - and you got so many lovely pieces x
Brigitte said…
Who would blame you for falling off the wagon when there is a shop closing and a huge sale because of that and some great Xmas stash money? Not me, certainly not. I would have done the exactly same thing, lol. There is nothing more exciting that going through bins and bins of old and new charts and fabrics and threads. What a feast!

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