Sensational Sicily (Part One) ....

What can I say, but that we had the absolute BEST time in Sicily. 

It was quite magical for the seven of us (TraderVic, DSister2, DD and her boyfriend and DS2 and his girlfriend) to spend Christmas in a small Sicilian village with TraderVic's cousins.

There is so much to share with you all but I am going to start with where we stayed.  Obviously, as there were seven of us, it was too many to stay with the cousins. They live in a small village, called Acate, in the south of Sicily, too small to have a hotel or even Air BnB. However -  using - I managed to find us a BnB about 10kms away from Acate, in the middle of the countryside.

The BnB was called Casale Rocca Fiorita and it was a centuries old farmhouse which used to belong to the Prince of Biscari (which was what Acate was called until the end of WWII.).

It was just gorgeous and Paola, our hostess, was so very gracious and kind to us.

However, I will let the many, many pics do the talking...

Gorgeous, isn't it?  Thanks for visiting, I do so hope that you are enjoying my travel blog posts - there are still many more to come!


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Frances N said…
Looks like a wonderful trip!
Love that sweet black kitty!
You look like you are having fun and I love seeing photo's of other parts of the world. hugs
Brigitte said…
I always love seeing pictures of your travels and was already thinking: will there be pictures of Sicily? And here they are. I love the tiles on the floors and in the kitchen.
gracie said…
Thank you, Thank you.....Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures.
Vickie said…
Yes, this is gorgeous, and not at all what I was I expecting when you first mentioned farmhouse!
Linda said…
More great pics Kaye.

RJ said…
Oh yes this is gorgeous Kaye. I love visiting through your photos. I never got that far south when we were in Italy. George's family are all from the Rome and Naples area. And he has a cousin in Rome called Paola too. You had such a wonderful time and made so many lasting memories. I'm glad you shared it with us. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
Julie said…
Your Sicilian adventure looks fabulous. So many beautiful sights you saw and delicious looking food.
Margaret said…
Amazing! What a find that BnB was!
Barb said…
You have certainly been on some wonderful adventures!! Thanks for sharing. This was so interesting!
Wonderful photos. Of course there had to be a Meditteranean cat!
I was wondering about Christmas decorations then I saw the beautiful tree.
FlashinScissors said…
Great photos, Kaye! Looks like you all had a fantastic time.
Loved seeing the Mediterranean cat!
Wow, those tiles, and the hearaldry pictures are really inspiring!
I’m “into” painting at the moment, and I hope you will pop over to my blog to see what I’m doing.
Jo’s suggestion for my next project, and your tiles have given me an excellent idea to work on.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures!
Barbara xx

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