March TUSAL Report plus other sundries...

You know, it's funny - when I had my blog hiatus in the second half of last year, it was because I felt so overwhelmed by the passing of my dear Dad and getting ready for our big trip overseas and changes at work and so on and I felt so paralysed by the thought of blogging and it seemed such a chore - but now I am back into it in such a big way and I have so much to share that I feel like posting several times a day some days!

I must say that most of my joy in blogging is all of you, my wonderful bloggy, stitchy, crafty, internet friends.  You give me so much support, friendship, inspiration and joy.  Thank you all!

Anyway, I had better move onto my TUSAL report...

This is actually three month's worth - January and February in the vase and March in front.. Looking good, I think.

If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, please click on the pic below.

Let's see, now what were the other sundries?

Well, in no particular order, I had a delicious lunch today out with my dear friend, Kim....

 DS1 and his wife are currently on a road trip around the Malaysian part of Borneo (you might remember that they now live in Borneo, where DS1 teaches).

... and yesterday was St Pat's Day, so there were Irish bagpipers playing at the Eaglemont Village, where I live.

It's late afternoon here in the land of Oz, Furio is stretched out at my feet enjoying the late afternoon sunshine, feeling as relaxed as I am feeling right now.  I am planning to finish this post and then do a bit of stitching alternating with reading.  Bliss!

I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday.

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My Ms.Buttons loved the sound of the bagpipers as much as I do. She would come and listen every time they played on the TV. I just played your video for her. Even thru she is gone now I still feel her in the house and somethings I think she hops up on the bed with me at night.
big hugs Lynda Ruth
jocondine said…
Love bagpipers! Hopefully we are lucky enough to have some in Brittany region where we like to spend holidays sometimes. xxx
Bethan said…
Your lunch looked stunning! Hope you had a restful rest of your Sunday x
rosey175 said…
Hah, I did good this time, eating BEFORE checking blogs. Your posts usually have something that makes me drool ahaha. Furio and I would get along well at this point. ;)
Margaret said…
It's lovely to hear that you are inspired and happy and love blogging again. :D I always enjoy a catch up with you and yours.
Julie said…
Such a pretty vase you are using for the SAL.
Nice food .. that does look delicious.
Brigitte said…
So great to know that you are motivated again for blogging. I love reading your blog and learning what you are up to. And I often get motivated to write a blog post, too.
That lunch plate is looking so good - and makes my mouth water as I haven't had my breakfast yet today. It might be time ...
Brigitte said…
Hmmm, no St. Patrick's Day here, at least not where I live. There might be neighborhoods in the big cities where the day is celebrated but I have never heard of it.
It's great that you feel like blogging again, it's such a wonderful way to connect with people and share your food photos!

Furio looks most content there.

I am not a bagpipes fan, sometimes a lone piper plays outside the shop and we fight to be allowed to book the delivery in and hide in the stockroom away from the noise!

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