Pie for Pi Day....

Last evening my dear friend, Marita came for dinner - we hadn't caught up since well before Christmas!  Where does the time go??????

Rather appropriately, I made Pie for Pi Day (it was actually a coincidence but hey, I am going with it).  But first of all, let me show you my Wine o'clock pic - the drinks and nibbles all ready for Marita.

... and here is my Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie, all set with even a red blackbird singing in the middle!  (It is actually a nifty device which lets the steam out).  Also coincidentally,I actually decorated the pie with circles!!!!!  Most appropriate for Pi Day!

Can you spy poor Milo hiding up the top of the spiral staircase?  He is hiding from the builders in the back yard - if you want to know what I am talking about, please click here and here.

Here is a close up of Milo.

Lastly, just before I go, I wanted to remind you about my Girl's Nest Giveaway #5, click on the pic below to sign up for the item of your choice.  It closes on March 31st.



Julie said…
Delicious looking pie. I hope you enjoyed a nice catch up with your friend.
Brigitte said…
A great way to celebrate Pi day. And this pie looks so delicious and has lots of ingredients that I love.
Perfect way to celebrate Pi Day with real pie.
Hope the cats are not too confused by all the house building!
jocondine said…
Miam-miam (yummy) that pie looks good and I love the little bird so useful never see that before (wish it could whistle when the pie is ready! :)) xxx

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