.... Now we have holes.... and mud!  Quite a lot of progress this week as the builders start making holes all over the backyard for the stumps.  Which, over the weekend filled with water from heavy rain (sorry, forgot to take a pic of that - lol!)

TraderVic and I feel that maybe this house will be a reality after all - lol!

Now, just for those who are wondering what on earth I am talking about, here is some background:

As I have mentioned to you all previously, TraderVic are embarking upon a major building project - we are building two brand new homes on our very large block here in Eaglemont.  This will eventually necessitate pulling down our family home and replacing it with a brand new "dream" home for TraderVic and I.  This will be the Front House.  As our block is so large, we are also building another home in the back yard whilst still living in the original house.  This is called the Back House and is being built first.  I am hoping to document this grand adventure every week. I hope that you enjoy sharing this journey with me.

If you want to read previous posts on Grand Designs Eaglemont: The Two House Project, please click on the link/s below:

 Back House_Week One....


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Vickie said…
Wow Kaye! Your new blog look is so streamlined and very organized.

Good progress on the homesite as well.:)
rosey175 said…
So do your neighbors love you still? ;) I think I see one watching haha.

What is the little chimney-looking thing in the third picture?
Brigitte said…
OMG, this looks quite simply empty ...

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