Smalls SAL 2018_February Update

Hmmm!  Also just getting my February Smalls SAL post in by the skin of my teeth this month as well!


Although I do have a good excuse for being behind - our building project has started!  Woo Hoo!  Maybe by Christmas but certainly by the end of next Jan, we should have the first of the two houses (which is rather confusedly called House 2) we are building on our existing block (we will eventually be pulling our house down to make way for a new house) finished and ready to move into whilst House 1 (our dream home) is being built!!!! Exciting times and lots to do, cleaning out twenty years of seven people's junk/detritus/belongings/memories!

Anyway, onto the stitching....  I have four Smalls finishes this month.

1. First up is "Warm Hands, Warm Heart", which is the January Ornament for the JCS Christmas Ornie FB SAL  - The Little Stitcher, p. 52 from JCS Christmas Ornie Magazine. 

I do love this spotty fabric for Christmas ornies.

2. Next is Love Never Fails which I stitched for The Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop and also for the Needlecraft Haven's monthly challenge - although I was a fail on this as I forgot to send my pic to Christine!    Too much going on here - Aaagghh!

Love Never Fails
The Primitive Hare Freebie
Over-dyed lilac linen
Changes: beaded the word "Love" and changed the key to white
Pink floss is CC Cerise

I picked up Santa's Sleigh Ride by JBW Designs as a Friday Frolics piece a couple of weeks ago. This was also for my Rotation Relay for the Winter Olympics for WIPocalypse SAL (on FB). I 'm very happy to say this is now a finish, too.

4. My fourth and final Happy Dance for this month's Small's SAL is this very cute design by Paola Gattiblu, "Proverbi 4".   This was the Friday Frolic piece that I chose for last Friday's FF.

This is the companion piece to Proverbi 3 (you can see the two pieces together if you scroll down). 

The saying "Gatto ci cova" means "The cat is hatching" ie up to something no good! You can read more about it here.

So, there you go, that is my Smalls Update for Feb, 

if you want to see everyone else's Smalls Update, 

please click here.



Maggie said…
Lovely stitching :-)
I had great plans to stitch ornaments this year, that's not going too well at the moment, lol
A lovely selection of projects. I find it hard to choose just one as my favourite.
Pamela said…
Great finishes!
Linda said…
Congrats on all of the cute finishes Kaye.

Justine said…
Lovely smalls Kaye!
Clare - Aimetu said…
Lovely stitching, you can still send your photo to Christine, she'll include in February's album then alibg with the other finishes
Julie said…
Great smalls you've worked on Kaye. I do like Santa Sleigh Ride that is sweet.
The spotty fabric seems to be very popular at the moment.
Good luck with the building, I hope all goes without a hitch and moves along smoothly.
Lovely stitching!
Vickie said…
Wow Kaye, exciting plans! Your stitching is darling.
Sherrie said…
Awesome SAL month. Love the Christmas one.
Very cute. Have a great day!
Nice work on the smalls this month.

Love those two cats designs, a little different to the norm.
Elfie said…
Beautiful stitching. Congratulatjons on the start of your building project - very exciting for you.
rosey175 said…
Oh my! I just adore the kitty stitch with the little kitten poking out of the egg! I love idioms in all languages.

G'luck with the house build. My husband wants to achieve that someday too.
Brigitte said…
Wow, four smalls finishes, that's a lot indeed. Congratulations, Kaye.
What an exciting plan to tear down the old house and build two new ones instead. Sounds like a real adventure.
Carol said…
Such cute smalls, Kaye! The blue polka dot fabric is so cute for the mittens. I have some of it, too--still need to give it a try :)

Best of luck with your new dream home building--that sounds like a lot of work, but it will be wonderful to get something perfect for you and your family!
FlashinScissors said…
Great finishes Kaye! Love those Christmas gloves!
Barbara xx
Sheryl S. said…
Such pretty work Kaye, I love the polka dot fabric, ideal for the Warm Hands design and the Santa´s Sleigh Ride is gorgeous with so many colours.

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