Grand Designs Eaglemont: The Two House Project: Back House_Week One....

As I have mentioned to you all previously, TraderVic are embarking upon a major building project - we are building two brand new homes on our very large block here in Eaglemont.  This will eventually necessitate pulling down our family home and replacing it with a brand new "dream" home for TraderVic and I.  This will be the Front House.  As our block is so large, we are also building another home in the back yard whilst still living in the original house.  This is called the Back House and is being built first.  I am hoping to document this grand adventure every week. I hope that you enjoy sharing this journey with me.

So, Week One has sped by with not a lot of progress but at least a start!

Here is how the backyard looked before anything started... green and very leafy.

Day One saw a little bit of change as the tree protection fencing went up around the three or four trees the council allowed us to keep - we were quite surprised the normally very green council seem to have adopted rather a slash and burn approach with our garden.  Although, you should see the Landscape plan that they have forced us to create for when it is all finished!

If you squint you can just see the fencing and the orange block surrounding the tree, above.

Then a very large skip arrived, below.

Which is now chockers with our rubbish from under the house and the downstairs junk room - this is what twenty years and (eventually) seven adults living in a home looks like! lol!

Anyway, wait until you see next week's photos - the slash and burn has taken place!  Our home now looks bald!

Just thought that I would leave you with a pretty photo - a recent sunrise.



AnaCristina said…
I love to see building projects! I would like to see this journey! Thank you for sharing!
Carol said…
This really is exciting for you, Kaye! I look forward to watching your homes progress (am wondering why two homes? Will you rent one?)
RJ said…
Congratulations Kaye! This sounds like a wonderful adventure and I will be happy to tag along. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
marly said…
Anxious to see the progress. This will be fun to watch!
Julie said…
A very lovely green space you started with Kaye. I'm looking forward to seeing your building adventure move forward and the finished result of your dream home.
{hug} X
Vickie said…
Well this is exciting Kaye. I also am wondering the same as Carol. Why two homes?
Mary said…
How exciting for you and it will be fun to watch the progress along with you! Beautiful sunrise photo!! Mary
Linda said…
Good luck Kaye. Can't wait to see it.

This is going to be a very exciting adventure to follow!

I am guessing that the sale of the second house will clear the loan used to build the dream house so you can live mortgage free?

Will you show the plans for the houses? I do love a house floorplan!
Barb said…
This is going to be such an adventure. I will be watching the entire way!! Thanks so much for sharing the progress with us!
Brigitte said…
This will be a very exciting journey for you and yours, Kaye. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all the different stages of this journey here on your blog.
FlashinScissors said…
Wow! What a big project!
Look forward to seeing the progress.
Love the sunrise photo!
Barbara xx
Margaret said…
Wow, this is so exciting! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. i can't wait to see how it unfolds.
Bethan said…
Such a huge project! I look forward to seeing your weekly updates x

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