Just a little....

Stash Empire Building, that is....

I started Stitch from Stash for the first time this year but I have fallen off the wagon so many times that it is not funny! lol!

It all started innocently enough with a few threads bought whilst travelling around Victoria for work...

From a quilt shop in Warrnambool.....

... and then a craft shop in Kyabram...

Then I came home to a parcel from The Silver Needle - my latest project in the "A Little Help from our Friends Stitching Circle".  All of the projects in the Stitching Circle are custom-designed, just for the Circle - lovely!

Love the hearts on the tissue paper.

... and this is what was inside: a sweet design called "Alphabet Stitches" by Blackberry Lane Designs - all kitted up for us. A lens cleaner with the same design printed on it, a very sweet wire basket for displaying Smalls and a few jelly beans (but I ate them before I even took the pic - lol!).

Then Wendy, from my LNS, Lazy Daisy - which has now gone online only - posted this gorgeous fabbie on FB.  I couldn't resist and bought a metre of each one.

... I know exactly what I am going to stitch on it - this gorgeous Emma Congdon (Stitchrovia) design from the May edition of Cross Stitch Crazy.  I saw this design stitched by someone in the Stitchmaynia Group on FB just the other day and then the fabbie turned up on FB the next day and then, luckily for me, my local Newsagent actually had a copy of the right mag! Serendipity or what?

... as for the gorgeous floral fabric, well, again serendipitously, I had also ordered this sweet Jardin Prive Cat Lovers Quaker design - it will go perfectly on this, with just a few tweaks of floss colour, I think.

Also sneaking into my order from Lazy Daisy are these two gorgeous designs from Mirabilia: Royal Games I and II.  These are just stunning and so unusual - I love them! 

... and the last two items in my latest Stash Empire building are these two sets of designs from Plum Street Samplers: Noah's Christmas Ark I and II. Cute idea, aren't they?  A bit of a twist on the 12 Days of Christmas, I think.

So, lots to keep me busy on New Start Sundays although at the moment I am obsessed with stitching on The Ice Skaters, so I haven't been Friday Frolicking or New Start Sundaying and last week I was on the road again so there was no 'Merica Monday either.

There will be an update post on The Ice Skaters in a day or two, so please do come back to see my progress - it is coming along beautifully.


P.S. Please don't forget to check on my Winners post to see if you are a Girl's Nest Giveaway #6 winner. Just click on the image below.  I have only heard from a few of the winners and as I have been so busy with work trips, I am behind on emailing people, so you may be one of the winners - worth checking out, anyway.


Kaisievic said…
Let's get the ball rolling for comments and keep hoping that Blogger fixes this email issue very soon!
Kay said…
We all need a little stash every now and then, it makes us very happy and keeps the industry working. x
Vickie said…
Just a LITTLE?! Well, lovely stash Kaye! Especially the fabric.
Julie said…
I was sure I read on here that you were downsizing stash??? LOL
Lots to keep you busy, pretty threads
rosey175 said…
Those are GORGEOUS threads and fabrics! I have never stitched on printed fabric before; is it harder to count on? Don't worry, we all know downsizing stash just means making room for more ahaha :D
Bev C said…
Hello Kaye

I think secretly you just receiving mail in your letter box. Some great additions to your stitching basket.

Happy days.
Linda said…
Love your new stash Kaye. Are you ever going to work on any of the Bothy Threads cut-thrus?

Barb said…
Look at it this way Kaye, it is our job to keep the stitching market in business!! I love many of your purchases!
deb said…
First, I'd never seen Cottage Garden Threads before - they are absolutely beautiful, just stunning! And now I've got a search going as they look to be perfect for a project I'm planning. Thanks for enabling!!

Now, what did you call this abundance, a little stash building? Yikers, when you get stash, you do it up BIG! Looks like you got a bunch of fun stuff - love that little goodie from the Silver Needle. And, and, and.... Enjoy!
Carol said…
Oh, my!! That is a huge amount of new stash, Kaye :) But, I know you'll enjoy each and every thing and, in the scheme of things, this is really a very reasonably priced hobby :) Enjoy!
If you're going to fall off the wagon, fall deeply! Love the new stash, especially the Royal Games charts. I really want to stitch them myself.

The patterned fabric is gorgeous and how serendipitous to get the magazine too!
It's also sweet! So many!
Stitching Noni said…
I love the Cottage Garden Threads... every year I grab a couple at the Craft Fair! I saw the "little help" notice on the Silver Needle newsletter but wasn't sure about it - but it is a lovely package of gorgeousness!
Those 2 fabrics are stunning - looking forward to seeing how they stitch up with those 2 lovely designs :o)
Have fun with the Miras - I just saw a picture on FB somewhere of the four suits stitched up as their proper cards- it looked amazing :o)
Hugs x
Brigitte said…
Your stash Empire building is really growing rapidly and it seems that Stitch from Stash has inspired you in the wrong way, lol. But why not. It's our hobby and we should do what makes us happy. Have fun with all the new fabrics and charts.

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