Lilydale Lake: a magical place ...

... on a foggy winter morning that is.  The last two weekends I have gone for a walk around Lilydale Lake; the first with my Saturday morning walking group and the other with my dear friend, Marie in lieu of our usual walk around Princes Park in Carlton.

It was the first time I had ever been there (or even knew that there was a lake there) and it was absolutely stunning, especially in the early morning mist. It was so magical that I half expected the Lady of the Lake to thrust Excalibur out of the water!

 There was a wealth of bird life and a myriad of great photo opportunities but I will let the photos speak for themselves......

My friend, Robyn and I on my first walk time visiting the lake.

A cormorant drying its wings.

A Jenny Wren
There was a model yacht competition taking place on my first walk.

There is even a beach for toddlers to have a splash in the water on the long, hot days of summer.
A pelican in flight.
A shag on a rock

Marie taking a photo.

 Altogether, a wonderful place to take a walk - so very beautiful and lots to see.


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Kaisievic said…
Just getting the ball rolling with the comments so that I can get the following ones sent to me.
deb said…
Oh my ... your pictures of the lake are absolutely stunning! Smiled when you mentioned the Lady of the Lake - that was my thought as well!! :)
Stitching Noni said…
Gorgeous pics! There is something so out of this world about a photo of fog on a lake... definitely a lady of the lake moment! ;o)
Anthea said…
Stunning pics Kaye! What a beautiful time you two had on your walk.
Very Avalon! You can just imagine going back in time through that mist.

Technical tip - level out the horizon! The Admin for the group I am in is very strict about level horizons LOL Obviously we get a lot of sea shots in the group, we are The Sunrise Coast after all!
Wow, beautiful photo in fog!
Thank you for sharing!
Brigitte said…
These pictures show the extraordinary beauty of the lake. Thanks for sharing.
Julie said…
What magical snapshots you captured, it certainly does look amazing.

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