FNSI and IHSW_September update

Hello! Hello! It is time for my September FNSI and IHSW reports (having missed both July and August).

Click on the logo below to find out all about FNSI.

if you would like to find out more about IHSW, please click on Hermie below:


It is such a lovely idea - to be stitching with other like-minded people from all over the globe, no matter the time zone, all weekend long - bliss!  In fact, any stitching time is great, isn't it?

For FNSI (and Friday Frolics), I picked up Winter in the Village by Stoney Creek Designs.

This is what my village looked like before I started - as you can see I had to start with a bit of frogging as I had used the wrong green (you should see the floss list for this design  - so many colours!).

This is where I got up to after FNSI:

I then kept stitching on it over the weekend for IHSW and this is now where I am up to:

I also stitched on Silent Night by CCN for IHSW, this is the before photo....

... and the after photo, I am nearly finished so I will keep stitching on this piece this week until it is finished. Such a pretty design.

 ... and just to finish, here is a pic of darling Furio, soaking up some Spring sunshine.

If you would like to see who else took part in FNSI for September, please click on this link here:

... and once the link is up for IHSW, I will add that, too.

Update:  Here is the link to this month's IHSW linky party.

Lots of lovely stitchy hugs to you all, 



Barb said…
That kitty looks so contented. You are doing lots of lovely stitching. Silent Night is just beautiful. Do you call the new season Spring or Fall? Then the same for winter and summer. In your world is winter really summer? I love learning about other parts of this amazing world. That is one thing I love about blogging!
Susan said…
Lovely projects. I'd just love to be a cat some days.
Lin said…
Lovely work - so exciting to be near the end of a project. xx
Linda said…
Great progress Kaye. Love the kitty pic.

It's all too beautiful!
Sasha said…
Great progress. Everything looks amazing!
Your cat looks just like my two cats. I have two orange tabbies, and they are sweethearts.
RJ said…
Great progress Kaye. Lovely projects you are stitching on and you are doing such a wonderful job with each one. YOur weekend sounds like a ton of fun too. Adorable photo of your sweet cat Furio. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
Narelle said…
Both beautiful stitcheries.
Julie said…
Lovely colours in the winter village.
Furio looks gorgeous
Nice work this weekend, your stitched house is growing fast!

Always lovely to see a Kitten on Kitten Stitching too.
Brigitte said…
Such nice progress on the Stoney Creek project. I had wanted to start one of the four Village designs, too, but then my motivation left me. Not my motivation to stitch something Stoney Creek but my stitching motivation in general. I hope that it will come back now that autumn is here and I can't sit on the terrace any longer and read.
By the way, I'm glad that you have a pop-up window on your blog as this is the only way I can leave a comment. No commenting is possible when the comment function is embedded.
Bethan said…
Great progress - it's always satisfying when you get to have a stitchy weekend. Furio looks gorgeous, and very pleased with his sun spot! x

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