A Naughty kitty cat!

Now, much as I love Furio he can be a naughty kitty cat.  Here he is sleeping peacefully on my knee whilst  I do some blogging and stitching. 

A few minutes later I got up to make a cup of tea and I dropped my skein of Cottage Garden Thread on the floor.  One minute later I found it looking like this:

Furio thought it was for him to play with!  It should look nice and neat like this one:  

Who could have thought that this sweet little kitty cat could be such a devil??

 The thread which Furio messed up I am using to make a special gift for someone (can't say who, it is a secret!).  I am stitching "here lie my needles" using hand-dyed Cottage Garden Threads  in Raisin.  The colour shading moves from a salmony-pink to a grey-purple. It is being stitched on the same dusky pink fabric which I stitched my Giveaway piece on.  I have also changed the year from 1692 to 2012.  I would love some input on how you all think this looks.  Do you think the shading works?

Have a nice day everyone.



sharine said…
Into the naughty corner for Furio!
Stitching Noni said…
Sorry cant help but laugh! Naughty boy but so darn cute! Of course he couldn't do that too a DMC skein could he? He has to choose the nice soft more expensive one ;0). I like the shading; lovely colours ;0)
Linda said…
I love the shading Kaye. It looks great. Naughty kitty. Were you able to save the skein?

Linda said…
Cats will do as they please...even if it doesn't please us...one time my boys left a nerf ball out and during the school day the cats had a wonderful time...the ball was shredded over the entire house!! Now its funny...not back then!! Have a great evening!!
Valma said…
Makes me thinking about a song from Elvis =)
You're the devil in disguise....=)
Naughty Furio !
your colours are pretty, seems to come from the rainbow :)
can't wait to see it finished
bug hugs
dulcinella said…
Cats and threads: not the best combination:-) your stitching looks great. I love the floss you use for it. Beautiful combination of different colors/ different shades.
Chris said…
Oh Furio! He is an opportunist! You cannot leave your floss unattended.
Binx is the same way.
Shirlee said…
Furio certainly doesn't miss an opportunity! He & Sophie would be real partners in crime : ) I think the floss looks lovely! I've never heard of Cottage Garden floss. Uh-oh!
robindefender said…
ha ha. Gotta love those rotten little cats!
Bea said…
The shading is lovely. Have to smile at Furio - paws and floss NOT a good combination. I know - I have 2 fur brats.
Quilt Kitty said…
Furio just thought he was helping his muma, what a sweetie he is. I have ended up with many a piece of floss or wool get to where I was stitching or knitting only to find it is soaking wet from Hun trying to eat it as it goes past him. I think the variegated threads look wonderful & love that comblination of colours. Tracee xx
Dani - tkdchick said…
Kitties are just SOOO naughty!!! One time I found a skien of floss in my basement and I can assure you I DON'T stitch down there!
Anne said…
Ooooh! That Furio! Sorry but I had to laugh out loud!! They are such little monkeys aren't they?! What a pretty colour you are using! I think the shading is perfect!


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