Royal School of Needlework and Pinterest

.... I was bloghopping this morning (getting my mind in gear for work - lol!) and I discovered this video on Mary Corbett's blog Needle 'N Thread.  It is a fascinating short video about the Royal School of Needlework situated at one of my favourite places in the world: Hampton Court Palace.

The other part of my post today was about Pinterest.  I have been reading/hearing more and more about it as I read all of your blogs and I am hoping that someone could explain it to me.  Is it worth getting involved in?  A lot of people seem to be using it, to "store" those items of interest they find on the web and photos and such.  Is that right?  If you use Pinterest I would love to hear more about your experiences of it.

Well, all geared up to do some work now.  Don't forget to join in my 1st Blogoversary giveaway, just click on the picture on the left of this post.

Have a great day everyone, 



sharine said…
I joined Pintrest a while ago but haven't really done much else with it since. It's not bad to get idea's of for various things.
Denise said…
I have no idea about Pintrest but the video was breath taking! Wonder if DH would allow us to move to England so I could get a degree from the RNS. Dreamy...
Margaret said…
Oh fun! I love anything to do with the UK. lol! I find the Royal School of Needlework so fascinating! I'm thinking about starting pinterest, but haven't taken the dive yet. All my friends are doing it and love it. I think it's a good way to keep track of things you are interested in online, even things like recipes. And then you get to see what everyone else has pinned. :D

Love all your stitching too!
mdgtjulie said…
I don't have a Pintrest account, Kaye. But I have friends that do. It's mostly for sharing pics of things that interest you or that you make, or sell. The rule is that no more than a third of your pinned items should be items you made or are selling. And you can look through other people's pinned photos, and repin those you find interesting or pretty. It's sort of a way to promote your stitching-jewelry-artwork. HTH.

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