Very late TUSAL and some stitching progress

Oh dear, this is a rather late TUSAL post.  Here is my little jar.  I love the way that you can see by the layers what I have been working on.  Last month it was the soft colours of Cinderella, this month it is largely the red of Noah's Ark

I have made great progress on Noah's Ark.  I just need the baby to be born so that I can complete the details which are to be stitched underneath the animals. (Don't worry, that is not a pink stain on the fabric it is just the design on my doona showing through)

I also had another start this week:  January Wordplay by With thy needle and thread.  I am stitching it on the recommended 35ct Abecedarian Linen - I thought that I might have trouble with the smaller stitch count but it is going well so far. I have seen so many people stitching the Wordplays that I just had to join in, too.

And as usual I will finish with a picture of Furio - this is him guarding the house from the builders on the roof where they are working on the house next door (you can see them putting the blue tarp on where they have been working).  I swear - Furio was growling at them! I think he thinks he is a dog not a sweet little kittycat! lol!

Off to stitch now,



Shirlee said…
How funny that Furio is growling at the roofers ... lol! The Noah's Ark looks great! And January Word Play? Really? Did you learn nothing from reading my blog in January when I was working on this? I will put you on my prayer list : )
Kaisievic said…
Oh Shirley, I remember now that you had trouble with this but fingers crossed it is going well so far.
Bea said…
Noah's Ark looks wonderful and you've made a great start on the Wordplay.
Your ark is adorable! Great start on January's Word Play. I'll be anxious to see it done,
Veronica said…
Noah's Ark is so cute. Wonderful start on January's Word Play too. Furio is adorable :)

Linda said…
You are making great progress on your projects...Noah's Arc is very cute! I like you jar of threads!!Have a great day!!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Noah's Ark is looking great!
Catherine said…
Love the ark and great start n the wordplay!
Linda said…
Great progress on your pieces Kaye. Furio the guard cat.

Mangogirl said…
Lovely stitching

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