Santa's 12 Days of Christmas SAL - Day 3 progress

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post this morning as it is back to work I go today after two lovely weeks holiday.

Last night I worked on my Prairie Schooler 12 Days of Santa SAL which I am doing with Linda and Debbie.  I am coming along quite nicely and should have this finished by the end of Jan, I think.

Before last night:

My progress last night:

Have a great day everyone,



Bea said…
You're off to a great start.
Linda said…
Santa is looking good Kaye. All I have left on this one is the white on the hens. Debbie mentioned that you were going to join us for the Prairie Schooler monthlies. I have started 4 and finished 1, so you could catch up to me quickly.

SoCal Debbie said…
Great progress on Santa's 3rd day! We'll be neck and neck in no time!
marly said…
Hope your first day back wasn't too bad!
Anne said…
Coming along very nicely Kaye! :)
cucki said…
looking so cute x
Mii Stitch said…
Kaye, this is coming along really nicely!!
Valma said…
awwww cute hens =)
this SAL sounds great
enjoy =)
big hugs
It's so cute! Great progress too
Nicola said…
Your needles are flying.
Have a good day too. xxx
Yana Hanim said…
lovely green colour :)
Sally said…
That looks fantastic and you've got loads done.

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