Tough Mudder!

DS2 survived Tough Mudder!  It is basically a 20km obstacle course which people complete in teams.  The idea is that you help each other cope with each obstacle rather than being totally competitive.

Here is some information from the Tough Mudder website:

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 18-20 km obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. As the leading company in the booming obstacle course industry, Tough Mudder has already challenged half a million inspiring participants worldwide. But Tough Mudder is more than an event, it’s a way of thinking. By running a Tough Mudder challenge, you’ll unlock a true sense of accomplishment, have a great time, and discover a camaraderie with your fellow participants that’s experienced all too rarely these days.

The obstacles have names like:

  • Arctic enema (having to submerge yourself in a skip full of ice)
  • Berlin Walls (climbing over sheer high walls)
  • Boa Constrictor (bellying your way through pipes)
  • Electric eel (swimming/wading through electrically charged water)
  • Braveheart Charge (self explanatory)
If you want to see some photos or read more about them, click here.

This is DS2's team before the event (he is No, 3534, fourth from the right, his lovely GF is first on the right).  Lovely white singlets, aren't they?

... and this is his singlet after Tough Mudder (he is first on the right).  He has done a lovely dye job!

 ... and here he is, home safe and sound with his Tough Mudder t-shirt on.  Very tired but very proud of himself (apparently he felt so good after the 20 km, four hour event that he jogged 4 km back to the house he was staying in on Phillip Island afterwards - ah, youth is a wonderful thing!)

I am a proud mum (but relieved that there were no injuries).

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Love to you all, 



Anonymous said…
well done kaye to you son and his GF,what a wonderful way to keep fit,glad you are doing his washing,lol.xx
Valma said…
camaraderie...great word =D
you can be proud of him
cucki said…
well done to your son..
a big hurrayyyyyyy from south africa for him :)
Dani - tkdchick said…
There is something like that in my area called the Spartan Race I'd love to do it when my injury is sor
Jane and Chris said…
I'd be a great observer,but not participant!
Jane x
Linda said…
What a handsome son you have Kaye. Glad it was them doing the challenge and not me. lol

I have heard about this, you have to be as fit as a fiddle to do it...........not for me.

Congrats to your son for completing it.

Anonymous said…

Just found your blog.

Congratulations to your son!
Your stitching is lovely!
Happy weekend.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Meg, I hope that you enjoyed your visit.

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