FNSI update

I stitched some more on my Lavender Fairy for my JE RR for FNSI.

Now, she looks like Medusa rather than a Noh mask or maybe a Noh mask with Medusa hair?  I will be glad when I finish her hair - getting rather tired of all the brown - lol!

Hopefully she will beautiful once she is done!

IHSW this weekend, too  - I am planning to work some more on Lavender Fairy AKA Medusa and FINISH my "Friend" stitch plus some probably some other bits and pieces of stitching  - whatever takes my fancy.    How about your IHSW plans?



Linda said…
Wonderful progress Kaye.

Great work! Lavender and Fairy together...sounds like she will be beautiful :-)
cucki said…
Looking so pretty..well done x
Anonymous said…
She's looking very pretty already (:
Hope you have a good weekend.
Great progress. My IHSW plans are simply to try and get some stitching done, any at all.
Anonymous said…
lovely work kaye.xx
Valma said…
sure she will be beautiful =)
happy stitching
have a great weekend
Great progress! I'm sure she'll look beautiful once she's done. :D
Barb said…
You have made lots of progress. There is a lot of counting on something like that hair. I will be working on the Halloween for my Grandson-Have to get that finished!!
Nanna said…
great progress, I know it will be nice when it's finshed, I never had the patience for cross stitching .my sister on the other hand can whip something up in no time lol!
Bev C said…
Hello Kaye,

A lovely design, hope you got lots done over the weekend.

Happy days.
Maria said…
do like your cross stitch..
Anthea said…
Hi Kaye, she will be beautiful when she is all done, but yes heads & hair can look weird when they are in progress of being stitched...
What it IHSW?
Stitching Noni said…
It's amazing how stitching changes as you add to it and then the final picture is revealed :)
Grat progress :)
Hugs x

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