The Best Offer

My DF, Marie, and I went to see a great film last night.  It was called "The Best Offer" and starred Australia's own Geoffrey Rush (a marvellous actor).  The film is about the art world and it is intelligent, very beautiful and incredibly intriguing.  I loved it!

It is quite a slow movie (ie definitely not an action flick) but is so beautifully filmed in Italy, Vienna and Prague.  The score is by Morricone which lends a wonderful eerie quality to the movie.

If you do go and see it I would love to hear your review of the film.



I love slow movies and music by Morricone...also the sights so will look out for this one!
is this a new release? Never heard of it.

Anonymous said…
sounds good Kaye.xx
Jan Gartlan said…
Thanks for the suggestion
Shirlee said…
Thanks for the review Kaye! I'll tell John about it. Of course I think it was last year that you did a post about a movie called The Sapphires. I thought it looked like something John would really enjoy (me too). I showed him the clip you posted & he said "nah." Then a week or two ago we were watching some previews before another movie & one of the previews was, what else, The Sapphires. He was all excited ... said "That looks good! I'll have to get it!" I told him about how I had showed him the clip last year & he couldn't have cared less about it. He didn't remember. Men!
Stitching Noni said…
Think I will have to keep an eye out for that one. Geoffrey Rush movies are always good!!

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