Look at these gorgeous coloured lilies which I saw at the green grocers as I passed by on my way to work yesterday morning.  Aren't the colours amazing? I think they have been dyed but they look as if they have been delicately hand painted.




Emma/Itzy said…
beautiful, I got some flowers in very similar colours not long ago and some even had glitter on, they were Eid Flowers.

P.s. my cat is going crazy at the falling hearts on your blog lol x
Christine M said…
They are gorgeous Kaye.
They are gorgeous dear Kaye! :)
Linda said…
Gorgeous flowers Kaye.

How vibrant their colors are - Gorgeous. love Annette
cucki said…
sweettttttttttttttttt x
Lizette Morales said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your flowers are beautiful and colorful!!!!
Stitching Noni said…
Oh wow! What gorgeous colours :)
Valma said…
wow !
beautiful flowers =)
we almost can think they are not real one...
big hugs

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