Look what happened to me.....

..... three days before Christmas! 

I was out for a walk and somehow stumbled and ended up having an argument with the footpath. You can tell who won! Lol!

So, it was straight to the local emergency department for me and I will see the plastic surgeon this coming Thursday to see if I need to have a nose op! Fun times - NOT!

So, looking like this, I had to host a Christmas for seventeen people (including three from overseas who had never experienced Christmas before let alone an Aussie Christmas - boy, were they in for a shock as we rocked on for 14 hours!)

Despite, my Elephant Man looks, we managed to have a wonderful day - lots of yummy food (unfortunately, I was so busy hosting that I only got a couple of photos of the food, my sister did but she is yet to send me the pics), nice wine and champagne and lots of fun playing Yankee Swap for our Kris Kringle plus lots of games - Sicilian Scopa (traditional card game) and a game called Werewolves, mainly.  As I said, we went for fourteen hours (we started at 9.30am for our traditional breakfast of croissants and pannetone (Italian bread cake) and finishing with Taiwanese dumplings (made by myself and my DDIL) and leftovers at 11.30pm.

Here are my pics, at random:

... and on the stitching front, I have just posted to my New Start Sundays blog (the first time for thirteen months!).  You can check what my new start is by clicking on the image below:

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marly said…
Oh Kaye that looks so painful! And you went 14 hours of partying?? God bless girl! How much fun that must be to spend the entire day having good food, fun, and memories.
Kay said…
You poor thing, I hope that it all ends well without having to have surgery. Christmas still sounded wonderful and I am sure your friends had a wonderful time. x
Terri said…
Ouch! I hope you heal quickly and no surgery is needed!

Looks like your Christmas was wonderful!

Happy New Year!
butterfly said…
Oh dear looks painful .
Looks like you had a fun day after all.
Carol said…
Oh, dear--that does look painful! I hope it heals without surgery, Kaye. My oldest broke his nose several times and finally had to have surgery to repair it. He did well, but it wasn't a pleasant experience. Looks like fun times at Christmas--in spite of your black and blue face. Take care now--and Happy 2020!
Barb said…
Hi Kaye , So good to see you back in blogland. I am glad you had a nice Christmas in spite of the fall. Wow! I hope you heal well with no surgery needed!
Vickie said…
Oh Kaye! I am so sorry. I am hoping with you that you do NOT need surgery. Happy Blessed New Year!
Bethan said…
Ouchie! Hope your nose recovers quickly and you don't need surgery! Your Christmas celebrations looked great - thanks for sharing! x
Mia said…
I wish you recover quickly, Kaye! I send you a big hug, my dear friend.
Margaret said…
Oh I can so relate to your fall! You took a fall in London as well, didn't you? Well I'm the same -- I've fallen at least twice in the last two years. October, I got somewhat of a black eye. So sorry you are experiencing falls like me. Not fun! I hope you get good news at the doctor's and that you recover quickly. Your dumplings look delicious! Love seeing all the family celebrations too! And congrats on reading all those books!
Ouch! That looks so painful. Hope it's healing now. Were the gingerbread men modelled on you too?
Your Christmas Day looks like a lot of fun, I bet no-one ate for the whole of the next day!
Julie said…
Hoping you are healing well Kaye, that does look very sore.
Great Christmas pics you've shared, it looks like everyone had lots of fun.
FlashinScissors said…
Looks like you all had a great time!
I hope you are healing by now, it looks awful, poor you!
Barbara xx

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