A lovely Christmas Giveaway

Hello lovely bloggers,

Well, it must be getting close to Christmas and to kick us off, Barbara from To Stitch or not to Stitch is having a fabulously generous Christmas Giveaway.  You can check it and her lovely blog out here.

Good luck everyone!

It is a very wet day here in Eaglemont and the rain is so heavy that it is actually raining in my house!  We have had our roof and our gutters checked and rechecked by when we get a heavy rainfall from a certain direction - we have no hope and it is running around with buckets and old towels for us.  I will take some pics and update this post later.

Hope that all of you are dry,

hugs, Kaye xoxox


beagleAnnie said…
Kane, you have a hard time today.
But I feel like to see your next picture of rain.
well that sucks, hope you figure out where the rain is getting in soon......

Going on a road trip today (Saturday) so will be posting all about it on Sunday,

cucki said…
oh no..ia m thinking of you so much..i hope this horrible rain stops..
yup..you really had a hard time today..sending you hugs xx

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